Monday, February 21, 2011

Crecent Beach

How would you like this view from your front window?
Sea front dream home property. If you have a spare $1,200,000. Laborador not included.

Cottages on the beach.

OHH, This one is nice. If anyone would like to buy it for me, I wouldnt say no!

The seagulls and crows enjoying the feast of tidal goodies.
The weathered old pier at the west end of the beach.

The sign back there says NO SWIMMING strong currents. What better spot for a Swim Club?

Soaked up the sunshine, fresh air and the peaceful vibe. Sooo nice.
That was last weekend....Today, it's snowing!


Herman said...

NOT $12,000,000.00, only $1,200,000.00 but still an amount of money that I can't spent for a house with a view. :-))
Great surroundings and as usual your photos are excellent.
I hope everything is OK with you and the family.

Sally said...

Love the photo's! Yeah, I'm with Herman; couldn't afford it, but lovely to look at! :)

So good to see you here!

Penny said...

If I could afford it, I'd be tempted. How magnificent.

BTW: Did you get a message about blogspot spaces? If we don't contact them we will lose our blogs. I haven't done it yet, but I think we will lose access to Ellen and Curtis' blogs. How disappointing.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

No labrador included, then they can keep it

Penny said...

I loooove Outhouse Capital's comments. Your dad has a hilarious sense of humour

Michael Manning said...

I admire your good tastes! Very cool!!