Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend in a Flash!

It was a gray and gloomy weekend. But British Columbians never let a bit of damp stop them from getting out.
We had a little bit of snow.

We took a drive up the Sea to Sky highway up to Squamish.

By mid afternoon, the snow was melting, and everything got misty.

Keiths Hockey team had a game. They were leading 5-2 in the final period. Then the visitors came on strong to tie the game and put it to overtime.

After we lost, our guys shake hands and congratulate the winners.

The gloom persisted into today, but at least the rain held off.
We were able to get out for a visit to Keiths brothers where we had a short walk through the woods to the beach.
There were pocketfulls of pretty shells, pebbles and smooth glass in all sorts of colours to be collected.
Our little neice has a sharp eye for beachcombing.

Immediately upon arrival at home, sorting and cataloging of various treasures took place even before the coat came off.

Then... time to put up the final decorations for big sisters 11th birthday party with the "Movie Theater" theme. Dad and Uncle Keith were carfully supervised in the manufacturing of the cinema curtains.
This cinema has a concession stand with fresh buttered popcorn.




Michele said...

Mmmm... I can smell that popcorn as I read the post!
'Tis true, don't matter the weather, it really doesn't stop us from getting out... =)
Wonderful post.
Take care!

Sally said...

Love the photo's, Susan. I'm always excited to see you post. Your little nieces are adorable! :)

faye's flyspot said...

Oh Susan, how lovely to get beach combing in January. The "smell" of your popcorn warmed me up this cold day on the eastern shore of Canada!
Hugs, Faye

Herman said...

What a weekend! We all are waiting for good weather and longer day time.
As usual, great photos Susan.

Penny said...

Even the rain looks good when you do the photography. I love the movie theme b'day party. I actually miss the parties I did for my kids. I think I'm ready for grandkids.

MarkD60 said...

Hello! I was looking through old posts on my blog, found a comment from you, came to have a look, and You're still here!
Great pics, but looks cold!