Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RV Holiday

I am shocked that I haven't posted for so long...Blame it on the Vancouver Canucks. Ive been somewhat preoccupied with the success of our local hockey club. All the games have been televised and I have watched most of them! That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. Our weather has been absolutely deplorable, so I have been glad of our boys going forward into the playoffs and giving me something to focus on during those long rainy evenings!
To bring you up to date...We purchased a 17 year old motor home last November. In spite of the poor weather, we have got away on a couple of weekends. One time in April we camped with snow on the ground (just a dusting) but we loved it.
This past week we had several days away at Lake Chelan in Washington State USA. It is a six hour drive from our home. And no snow this trip! Except for going over the mountains to get there and back.

We took our bikes.

We bought badminton racquets. Or Shuttlecock, as Grandad calls it. Heidi managed to get us all taking a turn rallying the birdie. Grandma quite impressed us with her overhead swing!

We were camping with both my parents and also my Aunty Gail and Uncle Larry. Gail is actually a cousin something removed, but I have always called her Aunty. Here they are beside their lovely camper.

We all contributed to meals and clean ups. Cooking and eating every meal outdoors was marvelous! Even dishes was fun, right Heidi?

The day we arrived was cool and chilly. But the next day it was sunny and the temperature was up in the 80s, we all got a bit of a sunburn the first sunny day. We just aren't used to this kind of sun! It was lovely for the entire week!
We all took a stack of books. And we spent a few hours each day kicking back in camp chairs reading. My dad
in the shade, wearing the hat that he just got in Africa.

Where the lake narrowed to a river and the water was so gorgeous. Glacial green and clear as a bell! This shady spot was in the town of Chelan. A beautifully maintained old town, with rolling hills all the way around it. Heidi wore her Canuck T-shirt and got a lot of cheers as many of the visitors in the town were also from British Columbia. There were a couple of Canuck conference final games while we were there. We were roughing it so much that we watched it on a 10" tv screen. That's living rough!!! We were very glad of the cable hook ups. The only person on the campground who wasn't enjoying the hockey atmosphere was my Dad , who, sadly for him, is not a hockey fan! There were so many BCers there that all the cheering was for the Canucks. Sad for the Americans not to be supporting the Californian team which we have since knocked out of the playoffs!
This carving of a bear was begging to have his picture taken with my two teddy bears.

We went into the US Post Office to get stamps and noticed these marvelous old Post Office Boxes.
The drive home was good, with clear weather most of the way. The only snow was at the side of the road while going through Stephens Pass at an altitude of 4065 ft. As you can see here, the base of the snow pack here was almost as high as this car. At one point we had a seven mile steep decent, where we had the RV transmission in low gear and never touched the brake the whole 7 miles. This rig has us really well impressed. Can't wait for the next trip.


Penny said...

Oh the memories your RV brings back. We spent many summers camping in a little trailer when my kids were growing up. We usually camped in one spot for the summer.

My computer wasn't letting me see all the pictures, but I ones I could see look like you are having a blast.

Sally said...

Hey Susan! I could see all the pix (which are wonderful!) I think but couldn't read too well what you've written; it's probably my old computer.

So glad you all had a wonderful time! And, so happy to see you here!! :)

Michael Manning said...

A new adventure! Glad I stopped by!!