Saturday, July 03, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This woman is most definitely crazy.
My sister Cathy, ready to embark on a journey to the old country. Emigrating back to England, single-Handed. Loaded with six enormous sports bags, and a nice assortment of carry on bags, car seats and just enough recklessness to do this with two small, boisterous children, unassisted!
Even the man at the baggage check has a headache from just thinking about it.

'The Spirit of Haida Gwaii' Sculpted by local artist Bill Reid is on display at the airport. This piece of art depicts some of our local wildlife.

Here some of the local wildlife is spotted in full fledged 7 year old boyness.
Both children were put on reins as Cathy did not see how else she would keep check on them both once she was through security without our help. Her destination, Heathrow, is extremely busy and she did not want to chance loosing one of them.
Her cautiousness got her rude remarks from one young lady at the airport, who had the nerve to tell her she was cruel to leash her children. I can't repeat here what response Cathy gave her. She was already stressed out at the thought of what she was undertaking. And to have unneeded criticism at her efforts was not met with grace.
Keith met us after work, mucky and covered in coal. His help with the baggage was very welcome though and he was glad for a little more time to spend with Cathy and the kids.

On the observation level, the sun bouncing off the ocean was almost blinding. How do those pilots do it? Raybans, I suppose.

Matthew has a moment of quiet reflection. No doubt plotting ways to keep Mummy entertained once trapped in the plane for 10 hours!

More wildlife. Its a Mountie Moose!
Nobody can say this airport is short of security.

A Mountie Bear. Looking quite arresting in his red serge.

This Killer Whale must have been on his day off or maybe just working Plain Clothes!

This little moose, just looked sad and wanted a hug.

After hugs all around, they were off through the security gate. The little ones pulling their own little bags.
We waved and blew kisses.
Then we wiped our tears as we turned away to go our own way.


Chaos is my Life said...

I love how kids have no idea the whole concept of "flying" terrifies me to death! Love the rain drops....that is truly B.C.!

Penny said...

That is quite an undertaking for your sister. Her children look like they will be good company and bound to keep her entertained. Old enough to find the journey an adventure. I also hate flying, but will be traveling to Europe very soon.

Sally said...

Aw, such wonderful photo's, Susan. I know you cried buckets of tears when they left, though. I hope they had a safe and happy journey.

Once, when Britt was little, and we went to Disney I had her on a "leash" and didn't care what anyone else thought. Your sister is a very smart Mum. :)

Deb said...

OMG! I can well imagine the "reserved and hesitant" Cathy's response to that comment on her mothering skills. ROFL! Honey, until you've walked a mile in the moccasins you'd best keep the criticisms to yourself. :) (Especially when talking to our Cathy!)

Hate to see them go, hope they have a wonderful time in their new home. Hugs all round.

Walker said...

Someone should put a muzzle on that woman and tell her to mind her own business.

She sure is a brave one to go this on her own but i am sure she will do just fine.
New adventure for all of them

Jessica said...


I am a blogger from Victoria, it is nice to come accross some other semi-local blogs to me. I literally laughed out loud at the picture of the man checking all the luggage in!

Jessica @

Dina said...

Hi, it's been a while since i left a comment. Hope your sister is now settling in to life in England. I wish her all the best. I too get so scared at airports when I am travelling by myself with the kids (even if hubby is there) I stress myself out and keep hold of their hands!!
I can understand your sister and some people should ''maybe'' try and keep their mouths shut!!

Anonymous said...

still reading you. how ya been?

Dina said...

hello Susan, hope you are all well. I'm finding some quiet time to browse through some of my favourite blogs and leave comments too!!

note.. to this I have to wake up very early :)

Michael Manning said...

Wow! For those of us who still keep the child alive within us, the world is still a big place! The man at the counter with a headache was funny! : )