Thursday, July 01, 2010

Matthews Birthday Party

Matthew checks out his birthday cake, made for him by Aunty Carol. Featuring Rubber Duckies made from white chocolate.
He was sung Happy Birthday to. See video clip. He really seemed to enjoy that, however his little sister looked a bit put out not to be center stage herself!

Sheila and Cathy are twins. They pose here with their kiddies.All the cousins except my kids as they were not here at the time.
My sisters, from left to right. Sheila, Cathy, Carol and Me.

Chalk drawing on the patio.
Sheilas kids were brave enough to get in the pool, do notice that Sheila is wearing a coat. We have not had such a dreadful start to summer as long as I can remember.

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Sally said...

Awesome photo's, Susan. You have such a nice big family; it's a pleasure to see them and I know you've really enjoyed their visit. :)