Sunday, January 17, 2010


Are we under surveillance? There has been a police cruiser parked in front of our house for a few hours. The officer is sat in there with his head lights on. At first I was thinking "Oh my God, He's come to tell me that my husband has been in an accident". Even with that thought in mind, I ran around and straightened up a bit, picked up the shredded dog toy, hung up the coat that was slung over the banister, moved a couple of mugs off the coffee table. If a policeman is gonna come in, I want the place looking presentable.
The doorbell rang, the dog started barking and all the kids came to the hall, while I opened the door. No one was there. The officer was still in his car. They all started laughing at me. Heidi had just rung the back door bell to get us all going.
Then Keith called home to say hi, so I knew he wasn't laying dead on some highway after all! So then what could that police car be doing there?
Jokingly I asked the kids "OK. Who's been up to no good today? You may as well confess, coz the fuzz is here for you now!"
Then Andrew was getting really nervous. He and a buddy went canoing up in the provincial park today. While there, he tested how sharp his axe was by felling a small tree. (Tree huggers not to worry, its a dense forest). He knows it is illegal to cut down trees in the park, but how could they know, nobody else was around at the time the offence was committed! I told him that must be it, they had come for him and did he have any last requests for dinner, before he get hauled off to serve his life sentence.
But still no knock at the door. Then we started watching a movie. Our TV is mounted on the wall. When the curtains are open, the screen is easily seen from outside. So, we provided the coppers with some entertainment anyways. Half way through the film was a bit of a smutty scene. I said "Oh my God, Now the cops are going to think we are watching a porno! We were splitting our sides laughing at the thought. Heidi said, we should shut the curtains. But I said No, that would look too obvious, then we'd really be in trouble. When the movie started it said 18+ and Troy's not 18 yet. Ill be charged with degradation of a minor, and they will haul Troy off to live in a foster home.
About four hours later, Andrews curiosity got the better of him and he went out to the car. "Oh my God, He's not gone out to confess has he?!!!"
He came in and they told him not to worry, it was not anything to do with our household and there was no eminent danger.
So then speculation began about which one of our neighbours could be mixed up in something bad.
Part of me says, we'll be safer sleeping tonight with the RCMP parked at our door. But the nosy side of me will be straining for sounds. Hopefully there won't be any gunshots or car chases in the middle of the night. Keith is on night shift. Hopefully they wont jump him when he gets home all blackened with coal.!!


Chaos is my Life said...

Oh now that's exciting!!! We've had the cops come to our door a couple of times....but it's always been because of the silliness of the kids. So far, no arrests!

Herman said...

What a splendid story! But why were you so anxious while you have a clean conscience and nothing to hide? :-) hahaha.