Monday, January 18, 2010

Macro Monday

Its been a real long time since I did a Macro Monday Photo. This was taken in the summer.
I thought I would start getting back into some of the photo theme days again, as a way to get my lazy but out with my camera more often. Obviously by using an old picture for today's submission, I am defeating the purpose! But hey, I just thought this up .
So next is ABC Wednesday. A new round is starting this week, so it makes a good time to get back at it. Hmm now to think of a subject beginning with A!!! Hopefully it wont be a shot of an ARREST! Referring to my last post. Yes they are still out there! OK, time for me to get to bed.


Chaos is my Life said...

This is nice!!! I'm itching to get back into taking some photos too! January's always especially crazy for me though....this year is no exception.

Deanna said...

Yes... a real excuse to charge up the batteries.. get out the manual, dig up the field guides... and "get out there"... wherever "there" is.

See... that is why we picked this house... NO COP can sit in front of our driveway for hours... they just drive up and knock on the door, so that the whole street gets the show in plain view.

Glad to see some posts coming from out in your woodsland area... or is that one tree-less wooods area?

aha ha ha ha ha

OK... too funny... the word verification for today is "malls"... the next word will more than likely be pavement.. and parking lot.

Bobbie said...

That cake in your header looks fabulous. Your sister is sooo talented!!

Penny said...

Oh good, I love seeing your photos. Yesterday's story was too funny. Your family cracks me up! Once we made a call regarding a stolen bike and they said they'd send a cruiser to our home. Like you, I scrambled around the house tidying up before they came.

P.S. I'll be sure to tell the boys to burn their Montreal jerseys and replace them with some proper Vancouver jerseys. LOL

Susan said...

Actually Bobbie, It wasnt Carol who made this cake. THough I am sure she could have done it just as nicely. This one was made by a friend of the family. It really is a great talent and takes many hours to get all the details made!

baliplus said...

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