Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Bowl

This gorgrous cake was specially made for the birthday of one of our little neices.
Her party was held at the bowling alley. Don't you love those high stylin shoes?
After the shoes were laced up, the fun began.

It was ten pin bowling, and those huge bowling balls pose a daunting challenge for the older girls.

But they managed to knock down more than a few pins.

Some had quite good form before they plonked that ball down on the lane!

However, the little sister of our birthday girl needed a hand from Dad to even pick up that big ball.
With his assistance, she got that ball down the lane.
She was quite proud of her performance.

Happy Birthday Young lady!


Herman said...

Happy belated birthday little niece! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for was a fun afternoon! As usual your photos are far better than mine, you really do know how to tell a story with your camera. You really do have a gift.

PS The photo of Dad with the liitle one is particularly cute although in one shot it's hard to which is the bowling ball and which is his head LOL.

Lots of love,

Chaos is my Life said...

Great photos Susan!!! Gorgeous cake!!! Best wishes to your niece!