Thursday, October 15, 2009

The month so far!

Keith's brother, Mike and his family have recently moved to a wonderful home close to the beach. Possibly an area we would like to go to when we are ready to downsize. Then we have a week of visiting and over this weekend , had 11 people sleeping at our house! Only two were shortstay. And I wonder why I was thinking we should downsize. More about that later though. Back to our visit with the beach bums.
We took Nick and Lexie out to see their cousins at the new place. We had a nice walk to the beach where, with help from Nick, the girls found a few new additions for their ``Beach Glass`` collection.
With the new bridge, it is only a 40 minute drive to their place. Before the Golden Ears bridge, it was near a 90 minute trip!
We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving day, with just Keith's brother Norm and his three kids for dinner. Also the little boy from next door. Then Keith`s Mom and Dad, Sister Donna and her kids, came by for dessert. Heidi had made homemade pumpkin pies and lemon almond cookies with cream filling! SOoooo yummy!!!
Then, this past weekend, we celebrated my Dad`s 65th birthday. Mum and Dad spent a few days here and we had a party on Sunday. My sister Carol made him an incredible cake decorated with a space theme, which of course is one of his favorite topics.
It was also my younger twin Sisters, Sheila and Cathy`s birthdays. Cathy couldn't be here, so Sheila got all these cupcakes just for herself!!!
Carol is so talented with anything she puts her mind to. She is trying to get into cake-making as a side line. I think she will do well once word gets out how nice her cakes are.
After cake and presents, the kids got out Pictionary and had a great time playing together.
On a more serious note, a dear friend of mine is recovering from surgery. We were friends from way back in grade 5. Sometimes it takes something to shake us up to remember how much we love someone and to remember to make more time for each other.
Our Daughters best friend lost her Grandad this week. We were at the service today. Heidi has spent all week with Stephanie, for comfort and to help with arrangements. They are such close friends and their relationship reminds me very much of the one I have with my afore mentioned dear friend.
Back to work tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.


Bobbie said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos, Susan. You have such a great family.
I've seen pictures of some of Carol's creations. She sure is talented.
Take care.

Penny said...

The cake and cupcakes look amazing.
A home by the beach would be awesome. But, since your house seems to be the hub of social gatherings, I'm sure you'd miss it if you downsized. I guess your family would just have to squish closer together.

Sally said...

I love your pictures, Susan. It's so nice that your family enjoys being together. Yes, it looks like you need to stay where you are for all those special events!

YUM - your sister is a master cake decorator!! :)

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Great cakes, Eh
Maybe that should be Madame Cake Decorator!

Michael Manning said...

Susan: A very full life with Love here from what I see. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Much fun. It seems that the trend is for people to downsize their homes. But it's a trade off with nice results if you locate near the beach! :)

sharon said...

Sounds like a great time. Pictionary is a lot of fun with a group. Your sister's cake is sooooo awesome! She's very talented.
Sad news about your friend and Heidi's friend's grandfather.
ps I love the new bridge...makes things so much easier and faster:)