Thursday, October 08, 2009


She is recovered now, but it was not pleasant. Heidi had her wisdom teeth removed, all four at once. She had to have it done at an oral sugeons. Her cheeks were so swollen and she was on a liquid diet for almost a week. I must say, she lookes adorable in the ice pack! When she started feeling better she got mad, as she realized she forgot to ask for her extracted teeth! Had she had the job done at out regular dentist, it would have been automatically covered by our dental insurance. But the specialist wants money up front and then we submit the bill to our insurance for compensation. I mad a big mistake not getting at least one of our children to become a dentist! We had to pay $1833. !!!!! Its good to know we get it back, but what about families who cant get that kind of money??? All hail the old Master*Card!
Ive been off work all week. I had a bad cold which has turned into a bad dry cough that kept me awale all last night. Well actually, I was okay untill 2.30 am. But Keith was so tired that he snored none stop. At 230 I finally went to sleep on the couch and thats when the cough decided to keep me company for the rest of the night!
The cat had yet another visit to the vets for an absess. Luckily we cleared it with just antibiotics and hot compresses. This is the third such event in as many months. We have tried keeping him in, but he cries and cries until I just cant stand it. So we are just keeping him in after dinnertime for the night. The thing is, he is a wimp. The cat that picks on him, comes onto our property and bullies him while he cowers and doesnt even try to defend himself.
On a possitive note... I got accepted into a four day education workshop for work. There were only 30 seats in the entire health region and I had to apply for the spot. That will be in November, should be good!
Did I mention that our house was flooded in August? The same week, David and his GF suite flooded also. Ours was just water but they were swamped with sewage back up! So they evacuated into our house. His room right now is a maze of stacked Rubbermaid totes. Finally, lastweek, Our basement was fully restored. We ended up having to replace the flooring. This all happened because the drains could not handle the ammount of rainfall we got one evening. It was enough to blast the one tonne grate off the end of the culvert and shoot it eight feet away!
By the way, did I mention that Heidi got her learners licence? She is doing really well! But they cant take their road test untill one year has passed. When I was learning, you only needed two weeks practice!
Andrew has started attending a youth church program. Of course he has an ulterior motive... There is a girl there that he likes! She is a long time friend, so its nice that they are back in touch. She is studying to be a missionary, so I hope he doesnt get any funny ideas! It would be just like him to go off to Somalia or somewhere to help solve the worlds problems!


sharon said...

Wow, you have a lot going on, Susan! Your poor baby looks so miserable with her face all wrapped up:( And the flooding...yikes thank God it was just rain and now sewage!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

poor Heidi, we will console her when we come down next week to celebrate my birthday.
Carol is making me one of those cakes where a naked woman jumps out of the cake

Herman said...

There was a lot going on Susan. :-)
Poor Heidi, I hope you feel better now. In fact the dentist had to pay YOU that amount of money because he kept these jewels for his own collection. Send him a bill :-)
What a misery that must have been in the basement after the flooding.

Penny said...

No wonder you haven't been blogging with all that excitement around your house. Basement flooding! What a lot of work to clean up. Poor Heidi - at least that is behind her now. My poor girl needs to go, but she is stalling. I don't blame her. (Our insurance is minimal, so I'm not looking forward to the bill, either!)

Sally said...

Goodness gracious, woman, I have no words except OUCH!!!! I hope everything and everyone gets better soon!!

Take care. (Herman cracks me up!) :)

Oh, and your dad's cake - is he dreaming or is that for real? hahahha

Cowboy Joe said...

Ouch, that looks painful. I had all four of mine out when I was 24 and got my braces. But the dentist did mine, had to cut them into four pieces with his drill to pull them out though.

Yay on the course. I took Hailey out for my first driving lesson last weekend. Her mother has gone a couple times too. Scary stuff, but she did pretty good on the windy, hilly back roads.

Anonymous said...

Aflac (yes, the duck company) has a reasonably affordable dental insurance program that (I'm told anyway) all Dentists accept because it pays them whatever they bill directly. Might be worth looking into if you expect more $1,800 bills.