Friday, October 30, 2009

The Eve of All Hallows Eve

It's a dark and stormy night here in Maple Ridge, on the eve of All Hallows. The wind howls round the eaves and the puddles aren't shallow! (Ok, Im not a poet).

The Pumpkins were polished and washed of their muck.Dave saw the task at hand, exclaiming, "OH SHUCK!
To heck with small knives and wee cutters you fools.What this job requires is ye olde POWER TOOLS!"

With earnest concentration, this Birthday gal drew, a face that when carved and completed , might just say meow.
Disembowling the gourd of its putrid insides,
Caused this boy some queasiness and attracted some flies!
We picked out the seeds, which we will wash and will toast. To offer tommorrow to all hungry ghosts!
What fun they did have carving Jack o Lanterns. And were careful enough to not need interns.
The entire event was overseen by young LLary, The carvers and cutters, made sure not to tary!

Lit up by their candles on the front porch they sits,
To scare away all of the evil Spirits!


Penny said...

I was scared as I read,
filled with dread,
till I saw the pumpkins so cute,
the cat was a beaut.
The little goblins that come out tonight,
Are sure to scream with delight.

Amanda said...

Love the finished results!

Sally said...

How fun!!

You're a poet, just don't know it!! :)