Monday, November 02, 2009

Toilet trouble.

The weekend before last, keith took the kids for a very rainy couple of nights camping. He got home on Sunday and after stowing the camping gear decided(with my persuasion) that his workbench needed reorganizing. No sooner had we taken everything off the shelves, that the incident occured. The upstairs toilet started to leak! I am so glad I am married to a handy guy. Can you think how much it would have cost to get a plumber in on a Sunday evening!!!??
Anyway, he got it taken care of. It was the wax seal, needed replacing, which is weird because the toilet is solid with no rocking at all. I had two bathrooms to disinfect, as the leak went through the floor down the walls of the downstairs bathroom! Yuck! Poor Keith, why do these things seem to happen when you are already tired. We finished with the bathrooms and then put everything back on the workbech shelves nice and organized and finally got to bed after one in the morning.

My dad has been here all week. He dropped my Mum off at the airport on Thursday morning, and will be here until he picks her up on Friday this week. Here are a few pictures of our walk on the dike on the 31st. What a nice day it was.

Two Daves and Llary, thats Binzen in the distance. The red in the feild is blueberry bushes. They go such vivid colours in the fall.

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Herman said...

Keith looks really tired on that photo.... :-) and your Dad is smiling as always...
And above all, what a beautiful girlfriend Llary is. You're a lucky man Dave :-)