Monday, September 07, 2009


I can't believe it has been a month since my last post.
When we retuned home from our cross Canada vacation there was a parcel waiting for us from Herman. He had seen in one of our holiday posts, that we had visited Banff, in the Rockies. Seeing that reminded him of an old story. I would like him to tell the story, as it is his to tell. But in brief, His Grandmother in Holland, was given this spoon from Banff by a Canadian soldier at the end of the war. That was almost 65 yers ago!
She in turn left the spoon to her beloved grandson Herman. After reading about our visit to Banff, Herman sent the spoon to Keith and I to enjoy. We were both deeply touched to be sent something so precious. I know that for myself, how dearly I cherish the items that I have that once belonged to my grandmother. Such a wonderful story to accompany this spoon. I wonder if that young soldier is still alive?

Thank you Herman for this generous gift. Such a special momento of our holiday and of your friendship!


Jo said...

Susan...! It was so nice to see you on my blog again. Another blogger, whom I had not seen for over a year, showed up yesterday. And who says the blogging community is not a real community of friends...!?

And yes, that spoon will now be one of your treasures, considering the spirit in which it was given to you, and the story behind it. My goodness, you must feel so honored and proud.

Now I am going to look back over your travel photos. I was just looking at Montreal -- indeed the most beautiful city in Canada.

sharon said...

Hey Susan! That doesn't surprise me one bit. Herman has such a generous and giving spirit. There's something so special about blogging friends. I agree with Jo that the blogging community is absolutely a community of friends...and what's cool about it, is that it's full of people from all over the world that you might never have been acquainted with if not for blogging! I'm sure you will treasure his gift because you too are special and appreciate what a treasure it is:)

Sally said...

How wonderful to see you again, Susan, I've missed you!! Neither am I surprised at Herman's precious gift to you and Keith. He is a very special mand and a better friend you'll never have.

Have a wonderful week!! :

Elise said...

You have a beautiful site here and I wanted to leave you a comment to say hello ! Thank you so much for sharing it all and best wishes

Penny said...

I feel the same way about my blogging friends. What a wonderful surprise. Herman is a very special person. I know you will treasure this spoon and the story behind it will continue to be passed on. I'm so happy you are back as I look forward to hearing about your family and seeing your photographs.

Walker said...

Now that is real cool.
You have now become part of the story of that spoon.

It looks big enough to eat jello with to....ok I like jello

Bobbie said...

Herman is so thoughtful, and I'm sure you and Keith will treasure the spoon. I do hope he posts the story behind it.
Hope all is well, and you're keeping busy. Take care!

Herman said...

When Susan wrote in her blog that she and Keith were visiting Banff, I remered that my old grandmother had a teaspoon with that name on it. Many years ago, I was a boy, I asked my grandmother what Banff meant and she answered that it was a place in Canada. She got this teaspoon from a young Canadian soldier at the end of the war. I remember that she always kept it in a little spoon vase

I don't know the whole story behind the teaspoon .All I know is that she got this little present at the end of te war from that young Canadian soldier who was one of our liberators. My grandmother was 52 years old (born1893) at the end of WWII,and she was always a sweet old lady and respected by everyone who knows her, she was very religious and always helping other people. I was raised by her during the war from 1942 until the end of 1945.

Susan's blog story made me think of that little spoon and to my grandmother. I got the idea to send it back to Canada, as a gift to Susan and Keith where this spoon may start a new life. I keep the best memories of my dear grandmother who died at the age of 93.

Thank all of you for the kind thoughts and words.