Sunday, September 13, 2009

Never too young!

On Saturday afternoon Keith was tinkering with the truck, which happens to be the same model that both the boys drive. Before you know it, they all were leaning under the hood.

There is something magical and bonding when a man is teaching a skill to his sons. By doing so, he is sending the unspoken message that says, “You are worthy of my time and attention. Lets be men together.”

Children are never too young to help out in one way or another. In this photo, Andrew is not quite a year and he loved to sweep even though he was still in his walking frame! Too often I have come across families where the children are shielded from chores and hard work.
Some parents seem to believe that childhood is all about playing with toys and just “enjoying being a kid”. I feel sorry for those kids. They may be happy go lucky kids, but what age do you suddenly start to try and teach them some life skills? Whether it be house work such as sweeping or dishes or something more exciting such as building on a new porch roof or a deck around the pool.
If you don’t teach them to help out in what little way they can as small tikes, doesn’t it come as a shock to them when suddenly they are expected to start helping out at say 12 years old?
By helping with jobs around the house they learned many skills that will they carry with them and use throughout their lives.
They have learned a good work ethic and to this day are always willing to lend a hand.
Although it doesn't show in this picture of David, they actually really enjoyed this work and had a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.


Cowboy Joe said...

That was a cool walk through the past with your children. Saw Keith on the weekend. You guys will have to come over.

Sally said...

What a great post, Susan. I totally agree with you; if you start them out young, they're shocked when they get older. I know Ben worked with his dad in the tree business practically from the time he could walk.

Thank you SO much for your kindness to me, and my family. I really appreciate it. You and your know how we feel. (((hugs)))

Sally said...

Of course, I mean to say IF YOU DON'T START THEM OUT YOUNG.

Yikes, my mine is hundreds of thousand of miles away - somewhere UP there where angels live. :)

Bobbie said...

I agree with you, Susan. Children have to learn from a young age about doing chores, and earning and saving money.

Great photos.

Herman said...

According to me this is the correct attitude in life Susan. Where children have been raised and educated in an environment of helping each other, then they grow up as people who have the skills to take care for themselves and to help other people who need it. Therefor they will be respected for what they are and for what they do.

Deanna said...

All I see is that I am old!