Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Old Montreal

It is gorgeous here.
Walking through the old part of the city of Montreal, you could almost imagine you are in Europe.
Horse drawn carriages trot tourists through town. They make a pretty accent but I always feel sorry for these poor animals to have their hooves clatter on hard pavement all day.
Recognize this place? Even fast food is housed in glory. But who would eat at this place when there are so many wonderful cafes at such good prices? Maybe the ones with children who don't wish to try anything different?
Jacques Cartier Place was a pedestrian only area filled with cafes, terraces, entertainers and artists. Off the plaza is a street called Rue du Artistes where we bought a really interesting painting to take home.
There are many people out on all the streets here. The metro system is very good. Also there are bike rental stands all over the city. You can pay $5.00 for the day and pick up and drop off bikes at many locations through out the day , up to 26 times a day.
There are several hundred churches in Montreal. Many of them Cathedrals and Basilicas. Such magnificent architecture. There seemed to be soup kitchens and shelters in some of them.
The shops in Old Montreal looked very quaint on the outside, but most of them sold the same standard Canadiana souvenirs. This little plaza was selling original handmade jewelry, which was nice. It made me think of my sister who is making beautiful jewelry back home.
On the north of our hotel was St Josephs Basilica on Mount Royale. We hope to explore this place more when we get back from Quebec.
This smoking fountain is in the financial district. If you come here in the evening you will see fire come through the water too. However, we (I), like to be back to the hotel before dark.
Next stop Quebec City!


Herman said...

Beautiful weather to visit so many interesting places in the city. Do you have to speak French? :-)
You're right, many places on your photos are very recognizable, it could be in Vienna, Paris, Berlin or even London. said...

Montreal is a beautiful city. I've never been there, but it is on my list of places to visit.
What a great 100th birthday celebration. Keith's family seems so healthy. Imagine being able to dance at 100. Definitely a goal to achieve!

Jack said...

Beautiful pictures.

Deanna said...

Loads of fun....I keep checking up for any signs of words from your world.... Life just gets too busy somedays!

Hey Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple!

OH... I thought I saw Keith driving down Prairie last week... I stuck my hand out to wave, after he was long past!