Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday

Hailing from Esterhazy in Saskatchewan. One of those "blink and you miss it" towns.
The main event of this past weekend was Keiths family reunion. Here are the few of us who came out from B.C. to celebrate the 100th birthday party of Great Auntie Jessie. Here are Keiths mom and her twin Valerie, and their older siblings Stewart and Margaret, also twins. These are the children of Aunty Jessie's husbands brother Alfred (Keiths grandfather). Got that? and of course some of us younger family here too. In all there were almost 200 family gathered here. This lady is amazing. She was out all weekend at all the reunion festivities.
This was taken at her birthday tea. On either side of her are her younger sisters. Both well into their nineties. Of course my two little nieces in behind her.

At her birthday dance, she even got up and did a couple of dances. Lexi and Natasha looked like young ladies in their dresses. Posing here with Keiths cousin Amy.

The MC/DJ was great and he got every one up on the floor. He didnt forget to make it fun for the kids too. This little cousin danced with Aunties 100 Balloon.
This handsome fella saved the last dance for me!

The jive was a lot of fun!

Lexi and Natasha had a great time dancing.


Sally said...

Awwwww, how SWEET!!! 100 is an amazing age, and look at her on the dance floor! :)

So wonderful that you all were able to be together. Love the pictures!! ((hugs))

Dina said...

WOW!!! 100 and still dancing that is so neat!! It is great that all the family have gathered togheter for such a special occasion.

Love all the photos.