Saturday, July 04, 2009

June Birthdays

We had a barbeque today to celebrate the June birthdays on my side of the family. My Sister, Carol and I have always celebrated our birthdays together as we are only 1 year and 20 days apart.
Carol is getting into cake decorating and made me this beautiful cake that she topped with her hand made cala lilies and tiny daisies. It was so pretty that I did'nt even want to cut it. Carols Daughter Jenny also made beautifully decorated cupcakes.

My other sister Sheila and Hubby Jay came over too with their little Brood. Sheila also brought cakes! So we had lots and lots of cake!

Carol brought her little dog Mollie. She had us all in stitches. When her ball landed near my naked lady statue, she started growling and barking at her! Every time the ball went near it she would start again! Keith took all these pictures, but he did'nt take any of the kids, but take my words they were there!

I am so lucky to have my sisters both live so nearby. I have one other sister, Catherine, actually, Sheila's twin. She lives up in the Okanagen next door to our parents. I will be seeing Them all tomorrow as I plan on popping in on them. Dad Has his reconstructive surgery on Monday so I thought I would go spend a couple of days up there playing nursie to him. Give my mom a hand too.

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Penny said...

That cake is so beautiful. You are lucky to have sisters. I only have four brothers and have ALWAYS wanted a sister. At least I have one sister-in-law who has known me since I was 8. She is truly like a sister.

Sally said...

Awww, Happy Birthday girls!!!! The cake is AWESOME!!

I hope your dad does well with the surgery, Susan.

No sisters for me either, but like Penny, I do have a wonderful sis-in-law! :)