Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mayberry Revisited

A belated Happy Canada Day to all you Kin-adians. July 1st was (123rd Nope Ive been corrected,It is actually) our 142nd birthday of THIS AMAZING COUNTRY.
Sad news this week.
My Dad, Dave, of OUTHOUSE CAPITAL OF CANADA is Out of Order. He tumbled off a ladder, not from high up, but far enough to badly break his arm. Apparently the bone is fractured right up in to the joint also damaging the rotator cuff. He is waiting for surgery, where they will either pin and plate him or give him a complete shoulder joint replacement. Needless to say he will be out of commission for quite some time. He is so upset. Not so much because he is hurt, but the timing of it. He was due to go to China in a couple of weeks for the observation of the next TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN. He has been planning this for months and now its all dashed! Now he will have to get over it and focus on healing. He can maybe plan to take in the eclipse that occurs near Easter Island next year instead. Please pop by and give him some cheer!

Last night I worked the night shift. On My way home the sun was making the whole world around me sparkle with golden light. I had to stop and take a few pictures along the way.
There are two new signs at the Memorial Peace Park entrances with fountains incorporated into them. The back drops are a heavy textured glass, designed to the silhouette of our local mountains. I think there will be more than a few hot feet being dipped in that nice cool water in the coming weeks.
The sprinklers were still in action watering the gardens. The droplets catching the morning sun.
The flower beds around the bandstand are all the picture of perfection right now. I love the tree on the left in this shot. Its shadow extends the curve of the trunk.
The hanging baskets around town add a vibrant splash of colour. You can never have too much colour! This pair brighten up the expanse of green glass tower which houses our municiple building and various offices.

Seen here with the Golden Ears Mountains in the background.
Paving the way to the ACT (Arts Club Theatre)
Outside the sunny 227th street building. I love this bright place, looks like somewhere in New Orleans.
Thanks for popping by.
I hope you have a great day.


Cowboy Joe said...

Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Pass along my prayers.

One little nitpicky thing, Canada turned 142 on July 1st, not 123.

Hope to see you down at the Ranch sometime soon. Hugs

(OKAY, every so often google is not letting me sign in to blogger with my ID) COWBOY JOE

Sally said...

Oh goodness, I'm sorry for your dad! I hope he doesn't need extensive surgery, Susan.

Love the pictures~you sure live in a beautiful place!! :) said...

Your pictures always brighten my day. So sorry to hear about your dad. He must be terribly disappointed. (Of course, that fall could have been worse, too.) Hope he heals quickly. Easter Island would be quite a fabulous journey, if he chooses to go there.

Walker said...

Sorry to Hear about your dad,.
I hope his arm mends quickly and it's to bad about the trip to China.

A belated Happy Canada Day to you to.
Great pictures, as always you know exactly when to push the button on the shutter