Thursday, July 09, 2009

Morning Mist

This is the sun this morning.
Foggy friends.

Woken up at 0620 by a son whose alarm clock had let him down. Now too late to catch the bus, was begging me for a ride.
With a slight groan I rolled out of bed and drove the little fella off to work.
Thankfully, traffic was light. If I had stayed in bed, I would have missed the beautiful early morning mist. By 0900 it had burned off to a nice sunny morning.


Deb said...

Hi Sue,
How's your Dad? Surgery go okay?

Beautiful pictures! Your blog is always a treat to visit!

Herman said...

What a wonderful start of the day Susan, and the photos are GREAT! Especially the two horses. I always read your posts, believe me :-)
Yes..., how is your Dad after the surgery?

Sally said...

Awesome photo's, Susan! You always do it just right, and I love seeing them! :)

Yes, I am also hoping your dad did well with the surgery!!

Penny said...

Your pictures always amaze me. I know it brings you pleasure and it is a passion of yours. I would like your work to be more widely known so more people could share in the beauty. (You deserve to see some professional credit and monetary gain from your art form.)