Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day for Dads.

This is a picture that I took a couple of years ago. Keiths dad was here helping our son David to craft a sturdy, new back gate for our yard.
Here Dads steadying hand guides young David as he drills holes for the hinges. I love photos of hands. I really feel this shot conveys so much. Anyways, I printed this up and made a Fathers Day card for Keiths dad with it. Keith wrote a few nice things inside the card. Well his dad was just delighted.

Fabulous Fleet of 4Runners. All the men in our household drive these beasts. Actually, the youngest man doesnt take his driving test for a couple of months yet. But once he passes he will be ready to hit the road in his own wheels.
This was the breakfast that Keith was woken up to on Fathers day. Home baked cinnamon rolls, bacon , eggs and fresh fruits served on a tray in bed! Heidi loves her dad. She is a vegetarian and usually refuses to prepare any sort of meat. I cant show you the picture of Dad enjoying his breakfast as he was topless and that may be to riskee for the likes of this blogs readers!


Sally said...

I love the picture of the hands also, Susan. Just SO sweet!! And, isn't Heidi sweet also to her dad. That's wonderful!!

Penny said...

I also like the hands picture. What a lovely Father's Day for all concerned. Good idea about the card. That breakast sure looked good.

Michael Manning said...

Jewel photographed Hands on her "Spirit" CD and your photos and comments brought this to mind. Well done! Hope you enjoy the weekend! :)

Fred said...

Great picture of the hands. The breakfast looked great!