Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everyday Miracles

Our garden is really starting to wake up now. I snapped these photos this morning. This clematis grows right by my front doorstep. It is a very old established plant and never fails to give me pleasure, year after year.
We had a nice get together with Keith's Uncle and Aunt/Godmother today for lunch. I hadn't seen them for a year, so we had lots of catching up to do. Lots of laughs and reminiscing done before lunch was through. I took my camera along intending to get some photos of them but got so wrapped up chatting that I forgot to take my camera out of my bag!!!
Ladies Mantle filled with evidence of last nights rain. Also known as Fairies Cup. These things are just some of the everyday miracles that bring a steady stream of beauty to our world. Which reminds me of this beautiful Sarah McLauchlan song.


Penny said...

Wow! Your flowers are spectacular.

Deb said...

Hi Susan,

SPECTACULAR pictures of the clematis! Your pictures are always so beautiful. Tony always remarks on what a wonderful photographer you are. Your pictures have "soul". :))

Always nice to drop in and check up on you and the family, and usually find an unexpected treat, like the "rock balancer" pics. How fun! TTYL