Friday, May 15, 2009

Balancing Act.

On a recent afternoon in White Rock, we came across this "Inushuk artist".
He was creating his masterpieces from the rocks along the train tracks.
They are so fascinating. How the weight of the stone seems to counter the expected tumble is so impressive.
I have never tried it myself, I wonder if it takes some skill and practice? I really enjoyed watching him work.
In other less interesting matters...our back yard is almost ready for the lazy days of summer. We had the pool guy come by today to do a little nip and tuck on our antique pool liner. Its starting to show its age these days. But with today's work, we should be able to eek out another year or two's use. These days it is more nieces and nephews using the pool than us or our children. We have had alot of good times and pool parties, so it has well earned retirement when the time comes. Once it packs it in completely, we will just fill the hole with dirt and maybe just get a hot tub. and room for a veggie patch. I do like to sit by the water though, even when its still too cool to swim, it is a nice colour and the reflection gives me a sense of peace. Laughing to myself just now, I am siting poolside with my laptop as I write this.... With Davids heavy Metal band practice booming from the house... What Peace? you may well ask! They are rehearsing for a show tomorrow. Ahh there... they are stopping for a break to order pizza. Now its peaceful. I can hear the birds singing their evening praises.
Good night birds.... Good night Bloggers!


Sally said...

Aw, Susan, you always find the most interesting things to photograph. I think life in general is a balancing act. :)

Penny said...

We have a hot tub and it is one of the best buys we ever made. It's low maintenance and always delightful to use, even in the dead of winter. I always wanted a pool, though, because I would enjoy sitting by the pretty blue water, also. And, it must have been wonderful for your kids to play in, growing up. Those pool party memories will always make you happy.

Cowboy Joe said...

hahaha, it's a good thing that you guys are more than half a block away from my ex there. We had to move out of our first house because of a band that practised next door.
We'll really have to make it work for meeting at the Ranch so we can exchange news on what's happening.

Amanda said...

Found you through Sally's blog.
Your blog is beautiful.
Those are interesting pictures ~ and looks like a lovely place to visit.
My kids would love a swimming pool ~ i would settle for a hot tub though!

Amanda x

Fred said... cool. They are fascinating.

Our pool still gets used by the kids. At this time of year, the water is a bit coolish for me, but they don't mind.

Monica said...

Hi, Susan. Thank you for stopping in and yes, I am back. Not all the time like before but a lot more often than I have been.
Kayla has been on my mind and heart lately and I noticed her picture on your blog and saw the dates and I know now that is probably why.
Yesterday I was looking at the wind chimes you sent me and I thought of you and her again.
I said a prayer of thanks for her. She may not have been a combat vet the way we know them, but she was a fighter and soldier in the purest sense of the word. I salute her as well.
Take care of you, friend. :)

Walker said...

The rocks show that even the smallest pebble plays a pivotal role in the whole structure.
Real cool

One of the advantages of getting older is going a little deaf and you can't hear what they are listening to LOL