Monday, May 11, 2009

This little fella was in our swimming pool, when I uncovered it yesterday.
"DONT EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!
No way, just hoping if I kiss you you will turn into a prince. The kids took him in a bucket to the forest and set him free by the creek.
Front steps? Glad they aren't mine. But then again, they do come down onto the beach front where these gorgeous tulips are growing.

Bunk beds. Binzen and Sasha catch a few zzzzzzs.
I hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day. My day started with breakfast in bed. Heidi seved home made blueberry pancakes. She got me a Paul Potts CD. It is awesome and I have played it over a few times already. He is the fella that won the first "Britain's Got Talent". I spent all day in the yard playing in the dirt, which always makes the dog happy. He loves to be out there but only if he has company.
Sad news for Vancouver tonight. The Canucks lost tonight which puts them out of the playoffs. On the plus side, now I will have my house work caught up again instead of watching a game for 3 hours every other day. Truth be told though, I would rather have a filthy house, if it meant hockey in June.


Cowboy Joe said...

That's a cool little green froggy.

I'm off work all this week, not by request. So do you think ya'll will be able to go to the Ranch this Wednesday?


Penny said...

It feels like we've been waiting for spring for so long, and it sounds like it's finally here. Cute frog. My grade one class raised tadpoles a few years ago and released them in the pond where I found the eggs. It was a great experience.

Sally said...

Awwww, breakfast in bed; that is soooo sweet. Your Heidi is a doll. I'm sorry your Canucks are out, though. :(

deni said...

I love the pic of the dog, funny I have a chair just like that, Glory used to sleep in it all the time, but now she's too fat to get in it!

Herman said...

At the first sight I thought Heidi was trying to change this frog in her Prince. :-)