Saturday, June 06, 2009

Butterflies and memories.

A week ago, my neices Lexie and Jocelyn, both were initiated into Jobies. Here they are cutting their cake. My other niece Tasha has also been doing the fun things, but has not been allowed to "join" officially as it is too much of a schedule comflict with soccer etc. They have been doing some fun things with the group including a camping trip. Now they are official.

Thats my sister Sheila on the right beside jocelyn.Yesterday we went out shopping and I got Lexie and Tasha new dresses and shoes and purses. I found a shop here in town that sells gorgeous dresses for $10 and under!!! I dont know how he can afford to sell at that price but I m not complaining. Tonight they are going to a dance and will be the belles of the ball. They are so excited.
I just cant believe how fast Lexie is growing up. Her sister would have been so proud. She has become quite the young lady! Ill post phot0s soon of the dance tonight.

~ Nick's 14th Birthday ~

Surprize party at Grandmas house. Here he is on the seat of honor with Grandma at his side.

We had a wonderful feast and family time to gether. Nick went home with a bulging wallet. At 14, they seem to appreciate cash in a card better than anything I could pick out for him. True to form, the next time I saw him, he was sporting new duds. Plus I paid for him to go to the movies with His friend and Heidi.
This is an excerpt from Kaylas Care Page, written by her mom. This details some of a memorial which she attended, along with 25 other families who have lost a child to cancer recently. I was so moved by her experience that I wanted to share it with people who knew or knew of of Kayla.
'May 31st/09...marked a beautiful day for the families who have lost their children to cancer! We celebrated, "A Time to Remember" at the Devonian Botanical gardens! We were all given a special flower that represented our child plus a floating rose petal flower that lit up...and while the sun was shining and the music was playing...we placed our flowers in the water and watched them float! A very special miracle happened during that moment. My dear Kayla showed me just how much she missed me and loved me by sending a beautiful butterfly to sit on the sleeve of my sweater! I didn't notice it, until my dear friend...mentioned that the butterfly had been sitting on my arm for approximately, 10 minutes! I went to look at it...and it just fluttered it's wings...and than flew away! I smiled...and knew it was from my precious Kayla! It brought tears of joy to my eyes...and I thanked her!'
We have been seeing a lot of beautiful butterflies here lately. Now every time I see one it makes me think that Kayla is looking in on us.


Penny said...

Such a beautiful memorial and how special for Kayla's mom to have the butterfly land on her. Lexi looks so much like Kayla. I know she must miss her sister very much, as do all of you. Kayla would be so proud of Lexi.

Cowboy Joe said...

She was a special girl and we all miss her. It was so sweet to share that special moment. Butterflies have a special place in my heart too because of my Grampa Joe.
Lexie is growing up so fast.
Hugs to all