Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

This week was my mum's birthday and today my sisters and their gang came over to celebrate. Mum is here for a couple of days before heading down to the USA to visit her cousin. I made a couple of big pots of homemade soup. Turkey vegetable and cream of broccoli and cheese. Carol and Sheila brought over buns meat and cheese. What a yummy feast, all followed up by Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Keith brought home boquets of flowers for both mum and I.
Here are a few photos of our trip to Stanley Park a couple of weeks ago. This is the drive along English Bay. I love these old trolley buses.
Always loads of cyclists along the seawall.
The swans on Lost Lagoon were posing.
And do you see on the duck pond this new hairy breed of duck?


Dina said...

Happy Birthday dear Grandma from us here in Malta. I hope you had a wonderful day and wish you a nice time down in the US.

It's nice to catch up with your lovely family.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

You have a beautiful family. It's a great picture.

Herman said...

Happy belated Birthday to Grandma! That was a big party and nice food too :-)
I enjoyed the photos and the story, the swan is great and the dogduck is very special. Sorry Susan, "Smilebox" didn't work as I expected. The photos didn't appear at all. Reason for me to remove that thing from my PC. Happy Easter for you, Keith and the whole family.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hope everyone has a nice time, will there be strawberry shortcake for me when I come down.
Have a look at my next post.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to your mother.
So which one is she in the picture?

Walker said...

Where is my brain I forgot to with you a Happy Easter.

Bobbie said...

Belated birthday wishes for your Mom. That's a great picture of her with the grandchildren.

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend. Take care.

Sally said...

You have such a loving family, Susan. I'm glad you were able to be together for your mom's birthday! :)

Great pictures!!!

nachtwache said...

Thanks for stopping by and the wishes for Easter. I hope you had a nice one as well. I see your keeping very busy!

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. How nice for all of you to get together. Happy belated Easter, as well.

Kevin said...

That's Penny Halston, not Kevin.