Sunday, April 05, 2009


Sunday, is the first episode of the 100 Mile Challenge, which is featuring Keiths brother Mike and his wife Angela and their family. Pictured here at the local Farmers Market eating "green" lollies. I copied this pic from an online Vancouver Sun newspaper article. The 100 Mile Challenge will premier on the Food Network (ch 52 in our area) at 5 pm pacific Time. We are having a little gathering here for dinner and to watch it together! It should be fun. They have been busy all week with tv interviews. They have been on Breakfast Television, Global News and will soon be featured on Urban Rush. They were featured in a full page spread in last Fridays Vancouver Sun Newspaper. Angela is such a dynamic bubbly person, with great looks to boot, she is a natural for this TV business. Mikes blunt remarks and dour expression when he sees his first 100 mile breakfast, was comical and made an interesting juxtaposition to Angelas enthusiasm. They arent acting either, their true personalities really came through.

Our Canucks lost to Edmonton tonight, but not for lack of effort, it was a fun game to watch. On TV that is! This picture is of GM Place with the huge mural of Roberto Luongo. I took this last week when we went downtown.

Today my Sister and I took out Lexi, and two other neices that are all close in age. We went to a Jobs Daughter Bingo fundraiser. It was actually really fun. We paid four dollars each to get in and then 25c a game. Plus there were door prizes and the fee included drinks and sandwiches and home baked goodies. The girls all came home loaded up with prizes. Tonight they are having a sleep over at Lexies new house.

Over here at our place, we are having a Demolay Wake a thon. I would prefer to call it a sleep over, which implies they may actually sleep at some point over night! So we have a house full of teenage boys and none of them are even ours! Well, unless you count out three nephews!

My sister Sheila's in laws were also in the spotlight this week. Cheralynn and her partner were also featured in the home and garden section of our local paper for winning an award at the Vancouver home show for outstanding work in their Landscaping company which attracted alot of attention for their talent with native plantings and water features.

Of course, I am already famous as I have all you nice people stopping by to visit all the time!


Bobbie said...

There's a full page of coverage of the 100 Mile Challenge in today's Province. Your little niece looks so sweet! It should be a good show.

We're heading to Vancouver today for an outdoor get together with my children and grandchildren. Sunshine and the Seawall is a great combination, eh.

I like reading your blog. It's always so full of great pictures and posts about your family.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday! :)

Deb said...

Ah darn it, I missed the show, and I really wanted to see it. Well, I'll try to catch it next Sunday, although now we are slated for company the next three weekends.

Love the new big picture at the top, love keeping up with you and your busy family, even if I don't always comment.

All the best from the hhmmmm, maybe sunny today Okanagan

Fred said...

I love hanging around famous people!

As usual, lots going on with your beautiful family. You always have some great photos to share with us, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your kind words...we hope we can live up to them!

PS You take amazing photo's, your true passion for life comes through in every one of them!

Ang St.Cyr

Penny Halston said...

I also missed the show (and since we don't get cable, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch it.) Maybe, my son could download it to our computer, cause I really wanted to see it.
Your house always sounds like everyone is having fun.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the URL! I was really looking forward to watching it! Now, I can.

Kevin said...

That's Penny, not Kevin.