Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silver Valley Lamp Post Banners

Yesterday we were out for a ride along Fern Crescent, which leads up to Golden Ears Provincial Park. This area of Maple Ridge is known as Silver Valley. All along Fern Crescent were some lovely new banners on the lamp posts. Not just cloth banners, no, these are made to last, nice shiney metal ones. Well worth the taxpayers dollars I say! They are so pretty and make such a statement about our area.

Why did these images resonate so deeply within me? They seemed so familiar. I knew I hadnt seen these banners before. Then it struck me....These images bore a stiking similarity to some of my own photos!!! Every picture a photographer takes is an individual work, and to me each one of these is my babies! Today I went back and photographed the Silver Valley banners and have placed them here besides the photos which they resemble. If you look at the details, there are some undeniable identifying details. The graphics have been altered slightly from the originals, probably for a cleaner version which made the printing simpler and converted into a "painted" style. Each of these images was posted on my Maple Ridge Daily Photo Blog over the last couple of years.
What do you think? Am I imagining this? I dont believe so! Could it be a mere coincidence that three images just happen to be so similar to my own photos
I am thrilled that my pictures have been put to such use where they will be seen by so many people. But I was not contacted for permission. I dont even care about making money from my photos, but the recognition would have been something.
I have emailed City Hall and await their response.


Deanna said...

I think there is a way of protecting your photos on line... I just haven't figured it out yet... in fact.. I am going to email someone that knows!

We take our picture taking very seriously...and I agree that you should receive some recognition... I do think there is a saying out there somewhere stating that pictures put on websites are free for the borrowing.... not sure though.

Bobbie said...

Those sure look like your photos, Susan! You definately should get some recognition for them. I'm glad you emailed City Hall about this. I know that some people put their name on the photo before they post them, but even so, I'm sure people will still "borrow" them. Hope you write a post and tell us what the results of your email is.

Paula said...

I just found your blog and Canada again. I loved my times in Canada on a travel & work visa mayn years ago. Worked in Vancouver and spent time up North in the Rockis as well as Vancouver island. You live in such a beautiful spot in the world and have an eye to capture it. Paula xx

Sally said...

Well, well, well, how ironic Susan. I've never heard of that happening before. Your pictures are beautiful, and obviously someone else thought so! It's amazing that you found the posters. Like Bobbie, I would love to hear what you learn!

Take care. :)

Penny Halston said...

Those banners definitely look like your photos. I hope you are given the recognition that you deserve. They are beautiful and it's sad to think someone would just take them without crediting the photographer.

Herman said...

These images are certainly yours Susan! They "borrowed" the photos from you but it's not fair when you don't get the credits you deserve. These images will be seen by thousands, maybe more, during the Olympics and the World may know that these pictures are yours. I hope you get recognition.

Skunkfeathers said...

Like Deanna, I don't know how to protect photos you post online, but I'm sure it's doable.

Nice to hear from you, and I still remember Kayla.

deni said...

Hi Susan, it's a sad shame when city hall does this, they are definitely yours, no doubt.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog.

P.S. wanna donut?

Michele said...

Oh dear, every photographer's nightmare and I worry dearly about that as well. I have been asked a few times for permission to use my photos in pamphlets and brochures and depending on the organization and the recognization I receive, I usually don't have a problem.
But if they did use them in the ways I see here, geeze, I think I would feel somewhat disappointed and I truly hope that some sort of justification can be made.

Good luck on this...

Kathy said...

Those are your photos and you are entitled to the recognition.

You can start watermarking your photos if you want. Have you ever thought of uploading them to a stock photo site and asking for a small fee?

Also, you should post a Creative Commons license

Kathy said...

Sorry, posted too soon.

Creative Commons:'ve had two people contact me to use the photo of Steven during treatment with his central line for medical courses related to central lines and line care. I granted permission and sent them the full resolution photos (which I don't post on his blog, I keep them no bigger than 800x600.

Your photos are beautiful Susan and if someone wants to use them they need to ask permission.

Also, do you monitor your stat counter to see if anyone is deep-linking to your site?

Contact me privately if you want help with any of this, and good luck.

Walker said...

You most definitly got ripped off.
I think you should tell the city and be paid for it even if you don;t think you should.
Your pictures are your art, you work and your love of photography.
At least let you off with no property taxes for a year.

Fred said...

No doubt about it, that's your work. A Creative Commons License will help to protect your work.

Let us know how it works out. I hope they give you a positive response. You deserve it.