Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Happy April Fools Day!
Well this is no joke, everything you are about to read is true!
Well things are moving along nicely in this household.
As you all know, Heidi graduated from her vet assistant program on March 5th. Yesterday she got a response from one of the places she submitted a resume to!!! She went in for an inter view and on Friday she goes for a trial run. If they like her and she likes the work there, she is hired. This is an Emergency Vet, which is open after hours, and on Sundays and holidays, when other vets are closed. So they see some very interesting cases!
I will let you know how she does.
I am happy to say, hat my vacation request has been approved, so that means Keith and I will be able to attend the family reunion in Saskatchewan this summer. We just had news today that a favorite auntie and Uncle of Keith's will also be going from Vancouver, as well as a couple of cousins. When we went to the last one in 2005 we had a marvelous time, and met many new faces that Keith is related to. We will also be celebrating his Great Aunties 100th birthday at that time. It is nice to have these things to look forward to. I don't know yet if our kids will join us as they are all working. We would ideally like to travel on further across Canada after that weekend and see more of the country. Now that we have a reliable vehicle, that shouldn't be much of a problem.
Yesterday, One of my sisters and her boyfriend both received lay off notices from their job. They both worked at a local factory that produced speciality rechargeable batteries. So for them both to be unemployed at once is a big blow to that family. Carol will be going to school as soon as she can get in to take a care aid course. My other sister Sheila also received her lay off notice a couple of weeks ago from her job as payroll clerk and accounts receivable. This bad economy is really being felt!. Fortunately I think my line of work in nursing is safe for now. Keith so far has been ok, but you never know. In the news yesterday they reported that the cruise ship industry in Vancouver has lost some business to Seattle. Keith's company provides fuel to the cruise ships which stop in the port of Vancouver, so that may cause some concern. It is by no means their larger contract, but every blow is felt. We will keep our fingers and toes crossed that he will be ok. Keith has always been very resourceful and is master of finding ways to make a dollar. If worse came to worse, I could easily work alot more hours and overtime, they are so short in nursing. Yuck! I sure hope it doesn't come to that.
But as I say, all our children are now working and seem to be well on their ways. So I am not too worried about them.
Next week we have to plan a birthday party to celebrate some of our family's spring birthdays. My Mom, My nephews Paul and Troy, My Father in Law and Brother in Law. These all in one parties are the way to go! Its about time for another nice get together anyways!!!
That's all for now. I am writing this at work and I shouldn't take any more time.
Thanks for stopping by and I will post again soon. I know you are all dying to see photos of our new and improved downstairs rooms!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Heidi! I'm so glad that she got the job, it will be really good for her to get out in the 'real' world of being responsible for getting your life together and earning money. I just hope, that with it being an emergency vet, that they do not have mainly very sick or injured animals. All vets have to deal with these cases, but regular hours vets also do a lot of routine stuff, so not as much heartbreak.

Good feeling to have all your kids employed, isn't it? Now if you can get them all to pay for their room and board, you and Keith can settle back and just collect the cash, ha ha. I remember when you first started to pay rent, you suddenly thought you were keeping the whole family in food and clothing and got very concerned on how grocery money got spent.

When are you going to Saskatchewan, and am I doggy sitting? I guess if you all go it will be dog and cat sitting. I know how much you enjoyed your visit out there a few years ago, so I guess you are really looking forward to the trip.

I don't know about sharing my birthday with all and sundry, but I guess I can manage to share some cake, just make sure it is a big one! mom

Bobbie said...

Congratulations to Heidi! I think she'll be wonderful at the job.

That's bad news for both your sisters. Good luck to both of them finding new employment.

A vacation and a family reunion!! That sounds like it will be a great time.

Sure hope we don't wake up to snow!

Cowboy Joe said...

Congrats to Heidi. I never heard whether David got on with my company or not. We laid off about 20 people in January/February. I heard that two other electrical companies laid off 110 and 100 people each. Scary out there. But it's going to get better.

I saw the new little car in the driveway. I almost bought one of those a year ago, but I just couldn't see the cowboy hat in there when driving. Pickup much better.

Sorry we didn't make it to the Ranch. Shannon had been up most of the Tuesday night with Kyle. She was sleeping when Keith called. Seems we just can't get coordinated with that one. We will soon though.