Saturday, February 07, 2009


No, its not the title of a movie...... It's how long it's been since my last post. I dont know if it was just the January blaghs, but I just have not felt like posting. I havent even had my computer on. Believe it or not, I have not shaken this cough yet. I went back to the Docs again on Friday and my lungs are clear. But my cough is so awful again. Doc says its my allergies. Which actually makes sense. I have been on a very unusual cleaning spree lately. I have sorted out every closet and got rid of a load of crapola to the 2nd hand shop. But of course, these kind of clean ups stir up alot of dust, which is something I am terribly allergic too. I also went into both of my sons rooms. I spent about 3 hours in each of their rooms, when they were out and got into every corner. My goodness its appaling the filth that was accumulated in there! They werent happy about it, but I figure if grown men cant keep it clean then they can move out or put up with mother invading their space! But man the dust bunnies jumped down my nose with a vengance and I have been coughing up fluff balls ever since!
Last night I was awake half the night hacking my brains out. I feel okay though, and am relieved I am not contagious, so I dont have to feel guilty to go to work coughing.
This morning, in spite of the gray skies, we took the kids out for the day. Crossing the Pitt River Bridge as we leave Maple Ridge. The New Bridge is really taking shape now. The first few suspension cables are now in place.
First we went to Grandma's house to drop off a TV for Aunty Valerie. Then we went to Keiths office to drop off the laptop and files.
Half an hour later, we enter downtown Vancouver. I love the banners on the lamp posts. They make a splash of colour in the sea of grey. Gray skies, gray buildings!
Then we went for a toot around Grandville Island. This is a former industrial area below the Grandville Street Bridge. The banners here say WINTERUPTION. I thought that was a good play on words. The water you see here is salt water from the pacific, coming into False Creek.
What is wrong with this picture? And NO I have not gained 150 lbs! Nor has Keith Lost the same amount! It is actually our reflection in a convex mirror. If you look closely, you can see my new hair cut. Yup, those long locks are now history!
Okay, this one is better..... A nice man offered to take our photo. I always worry that such people may turn and run off with my camera! But one has to have some faith in humanity!
How many people can you fit in a canoe? Well that depends how big your canoe is! This buch seemed like rookies as they didnt have their paddling in sync. But they seemed to be having alot of fun!
Inside the market we had a nice fresh lunch and then lined up for a treat at the bakery! I had a venitian florentine!
Nick was feeling all romantic and chose a sweet heart to nibble on.
Lexie picked out a pair of Sweet Lips which beckoned "Be Mine".
Following that we went to watch the old Guy play his hockey game. Our team lost but is was alot of fun jumping, yelling and cheering. Here, our boys in blue scored their first of the game.


deni said...

Looks like a wonderful day spent with your family.

Hope that cough gets better soon!

Michael Manning said...

No need to apologize. Always a JOY to stop here and say hello to you! lol!

Bobbie said...

Great photos, Susan! It looks like the kids were enjoying themselves. Hope Keith won his game.

P.S. I like your new hairdo!

SweetPeaSurry said...

What a fabulous outing, it sounds like ya'll had a great time. Love getting a look into other people's lives.

Either that or I'm living vicariously through strangers, which is a bit sad, but I'll live with it. *grins*

Penny Halston said...

Your photos reminded me of my visit to Granville in Oct. Sigh. It was such fun at the market. I hope your cough clears soon. Hacking is no fun.

Dina said...

Hi Susan, first of all glad to see you posting again and also I like your new hair style, you look trendy. I can relate to dust bunnies issues as I am pretty allergic too!! Love all the photos you've posted. I liked Granville Island and all it's fresh produce mmmmmm those treats look yummy.

Sally said...

I can fully appreciate how irritating that cough is. No cleaning work being done here,(hahaha) yet the cough lingers on. :)

Love the pictures, Susan. You really have a nice family. Your hair looks great!!

Dick said...

That family outing looks like it was a lot of fun for all. As to the delay in posting, I seem to be doing that too. It isn't as easy to find things to post about now that I'm not traveling in the RV on a regular basis anymore. I seem to keep busy but not in ways that lead to writing about in my blog.