Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dee and Me

My grade 5 class photo. Can you pick me out?
Thats me on the left and beside me is a girl who became my best friend. She still rates that number 1 spot as best girlfriend.
As you can see by our plaid suits, we were trend leaders on the fashion front. Either that or our mothers chose our clothes for us, which is more like it. I think we both wished we could have been as cool as the other kids and have been allowed to wear jeans and tee shirts on picture day. We will always be grateful to our mothers for their fashion guidance. And also for their gift with scissors, as D and I both sported freshly trimmed bangs/fringe for the big day. I love this picture now. But all through our school years we would laugh at ourselves both standing out like sore thumbs and looking what we thought of as a couple of goofs! Looking at it now, I think we look like the cleanest and "goodest" girls in the class. And we probably wee. We were both so innocent and naive.
Dee and I got together for coffee yesterday. We both still dress the same! She got here and I noticed we were both dressed in long sleeved tshirts with fleece vests and a "pashmina" or scarf as we used to call them. We have so much in common.
Our visit was cut short by me having to go to the rescue of a man who was without keys. Otherwise we could have drank coffee and chatted all day.
Here's to life long friends.


Deanna said...


I couldn't agree with you more....!

I eally liked those shoes... now that I am older, wiser, and greyer... I still have shoes very similar to that!

Anonymous said...

As one of the 'offending' moms, I really have to agree that there could have been a bit more finesse with the scissors, but that is what most of us did in those days. Who could afford to take their kids for a pro haircut? That style is refferred to as a 'pudding cut', which means that it looks as though a pudding bowl has been placed on the head and used as a guideline for the scissors.

Those same scissors were used for trimming chicken, carpets and wallpaper, so just be glad that it looks as good as it did.

The haircut was usually accompanied by a few smacks with the hairbrush, which was a quick cure for wriggling, whining and backtalk. Those methods would put parents in jail in this present time. I'm glad I was a mom when a quick smack ended arguments, maybe not too democratic, but usually ended up with a pretty good kid who knew how to toe the line.

love mom

Dina said...

Oh Wow before I read on your post I assumed you were the one in the red check trousers!!!

I must admit your mum's post made me laugh !!

Dina said...

I think my guess was based on 'let's see who looks like one your children' and in some ways there was the match.

Penny Halston said...

Thank your mom for my laugh of the day. When I tried saving money by cutting my first son's hair, I snipped his ear. He still remembers and won't let me get near him with scissors. You two girls were adorable. I should post my school pics. My kids say, Oh mom, you were adorable but really mean, oh mom, you were such a nerd. OOps, not that you girls were nerds....

Walker said...

I couldn't figure out who youy were until you pointed it out.
Birds of a feather will forever stick tofgether as you have with your friend over the years.
Oh and I think my parents shopped at the same store yours did LOL

Mary Lou said...

Thank You for the kind words on my blog...Yes it is a really rough time right now, but we will get through this.

I went to my first day as a Jr in High School in a NEW school with a home perm that frizzed, and then Mom cut it, and I also wore a yellow gathered skirt with purple crysanthymums on it made out of Mom's old housecoat. Talk about TRAUMA!!!!

Sally said...

LOVE the pictures!! My daughter, to this day, still talks about the haircuts I gave her, and the shoes I made her wear. All I have to do is get out some of MY old pictures to show her she didn't have it as bad as I did!! :)

deni said...

Ok, did our mother's have a conspiracy? I swear I had the same hair cut, and the plaid, omg, what was with THAT?

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Great pic of you two, are you sat together in all your other school pictures.
I dont remember the pics being taken, I just paid for them

Deb said...


You were *so* cute! I didn't realize there was a "clip" from the bigger picture below and I easily picked you out. (Thank the wee laptop screen) Your Mom rocks, and she obviously rocked then too! :))

Have a *great* week!

Denise said...

Such a lovely post, thank you.

sharon said...

Loved this post. But I don't think the other kids looked any cooler than you. Everybody's dorky at that age. LOL Oh and everybody's mom gave them the dorky bangs, too. My mom would start out okay, but they'd be a little crooked, so she'd go to correct them, but oops, now they're crooked the other way. We'll just take a little sliver off this side, and...oops, crooked again...and this would go on until my forehead was as big as the Berlin Wall!

As a hairdresser, I would like to try your mom's method to keep people still. Do you think my clients would mind a good swift smack with the hairbrush? LOL too funny!