Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidents and Paint

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the extended absence. So what have we been upto for the last couple of weeks?
I spent a couple of weeks battling bronchitis. Im back to normal now except for a persistant tickle in my chest. I started taking allergy pills again this week, and I think that they are making a difference. Probably a good thing as we have really stired up the dust this week.
Due to the every growuing population in our household, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find adequete storage. The places where I use to store things is occupied bt my Brother in Law and his 3 children. As a result, our bedroom had become the dumping ground. All around the perimiter of my room I have items such as my scrapbooking supplies, totes of wrapping paper, the sewing machine, keiths guitar, the ironing board, a bookshelf full of paper backs. Also all the christmas gifts had been piled up in there. Some of which still remain as there are some family that I will be seeing this week whom I still have gifts for. What a mess. It was organized, i knew where everything was but it was a visual nightmare. And cleaning properly was just a fantasy. I have terrible dust allergies. But as long as it isnt diturbed I am ok.
This weekend, we disturbed the dust! We went to IKEA and bought a floor to ceiling wardrobe that covers an entire wall of the bedroom. We got rid of the book case and keiths dresser and now have our clothing nicely organized in the new unit. All the junk which was cluttered on the floor is now stored away in our old closet. We did a thourough cleaning and were ruthless with our sorting. In all, I had five garbage bags filled for the 2nd hand shop. Now our room feels like a nice area again.
That was a little break from the painting. Over the last week we have painted the living room, kitchen, dining room, stairway, and hall. I did a very nice job, pained all the baseboards and trims a bright white. Some walls are a deep vanilla and some are a brownish green. I still have to paint the area at the bottom of the basement stairs tommorrow. Trying to get all that done with nine people in the house was interesting! I didnt bother to paint much on the weekend as its just impossible when every one is home, hense the wardrobe project!
I have been working nights, tonight is my last shift. So o will finish off the last of the painting when I go home.
I have visitors coming to stay a few days so it will be nice to have it all finished so I can enjoy my visit. We will be getting together with all the family for a big delated christmas party. My parent havent been able to travel here untill now due to the enormous ammount of snow we had this year. We still have a fair bit of snow on the ground but thankfully it has stayed cool so we did not have the rapid melt and massive flooding that was feared.
Yesterday morning when I got home from work, I switched on the TV and tuned into the Presidential inauguration. Barack seems like a wonderful man, his speeches are incredible. Lets just hope that he can do something possitive with the energy he has created amongst the people.
The first Lady was stunning and very classy. What a day this was. When 10 year old Lexie came home from school she said they had watched President Obamas speech in the gymnasium. I am glad the teachers at her school recognized the importance of allowing the kids to be a part of this historical day.


Herman Verbrugge said...

It sounds like an excuse, that you didn't write in your blog for a while, but when I read how many work you have done, then it's understandable. Now the rooms have been tidied up due to all the painter work, and the new division in the house, the rooms will also have yielded more space. Your house is a shelter for many and so many people are welcome in your family. Such hospitality is remarkable these days. Besides, you and Keith have also a busy job. I have admiration for what you mean to other people.
Greetings from us to your parents, and we hope everybody have a good time at the delayed Christmas party :-)

Walker said...

You have been very busy and that's alot of people in your house.
I hope you get all the work done and get to enjoy your down time if there is one in that house.

I hope the new president is a sign of peace and stbility at least for a change.
I think the world has earned a little right about now.

Dick said...

You have been busy.

I couldn't believe last week when I read in the local newspaper that the Federal Way School District (between Seattle & Tacoma) was requiring parental signatures on a form before they would allow high school students in the schools to watch the Presidential Installation. It seems like a natural part of history or government classes. I'm glad that the kids in your area were able to follow it live.

Deanna said...

The PIPPY and I watched it yesterday as well... I am not certain why I didn't keep my lovely Hamsteron home to watch... but I didn't. They tried to get a live feed in the classroom, but were not that successful.

I loved watching Barack... and his genuine air that he had about him, and that speech was royal... I am feeling very confident for all the change for USA...

OK>.. you are way too busy with all your projects... I was just thinking about scrapbooking, and my lack of it. I need to get on that band wagon again!

A fresh coat of paint is a lovely gift! It must look stunning! I will come and visit...after your visitors that is....

Yes, DUST is our enemy.... I have this ancient air ecologizer thingy that continuously sucks in the air in our bedroom.. and I CAN NOT believe the amount of junk that gets caught up in it.. well, I can really... and I am ever so thankful that I have it!

It's nice to read what you have been up to.... a long time missing... is a long time! I have upped my strategy of writing daily... about absolutely nothing, which keeps it helpful, since I have nothing to write about... so anything goes... and I am currently upping the tempo... like keeping myself guessing what I am going to write next... it makes it fun that way.

Alright... I am still waiting for the PIPPY to make it home from her cat sitting adventures. I can not believe how much time she spends sitting with these cats~!

Faye said...

I just had a crowd one night for the funeral I can't imagine having so many staying there. And you are trying to get painting done in rooms besides? My nerves would be shot. That is great you got your own room organized and decluttered. I wish a fairy would come in and get my house decluttered.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Faye

Penny Halston said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I was wondering what you were up to. I can't believe HOW MUCH you got accomplished! My house is incredibly small for four people, (and I don't have extended guests), so it is always crowded. I totally understand the stacks of stuff everywhere. It must be divine to have everything cleaned, organized, and newly painted. I would like to do that too, but I can guarantee that it would take me at least two months of summer with no work to accomplish all that you did. Good for you.

Sally said...

I can't believe how much you've gotten done on top of being sick, and having a house full of people! And, you work! Girl, you make me ashamed of my old self! I want to get some painting done also, but it will probably be a while.

Take care, and enjoy your delayed Christmas. :)

Dina said...

Wow!! that's alot of work with alot of people around!! My sister in law who lives in vancouver was telling us how much snow she had to take out of her drive way!! Glad to see you are feeling better.

Fred said...

I just came back from my extended absence, too.

You've been busy, and I've been lazy.