Thursday, January 08, 2009


The Meltdown has begun! Usually, when we get snow, it melts away in a couple of days. Not so this year. We had record snowfalls. Yesterday was the first time my little Golf could get out on the road and still the undercarrraige was draging in the snow. Over night we had lots of rain and rising temperatures. This was our street today. Heidi and Lexi cleared out the gutter right to the end of the street to prevent flooding. Our drive way slants down towards our house so keeping the melting water diverted is impertive.
As yet, our basement is dry. But not far from Maple Ridge in Chilliwack, they have called a state of emergency.
All these pictures are in Maple Ridge. This is a farm covered in melting snow. In the foreground, is a ditch, which is full to the top. These drainage ditches are about 8-10 feet deep.

There is steam actually coming off the snow, as it is now so warm. Here is another over full ditch!
This is taken from the Pitt River Bridge. The river and the Golden Ears Mountains are hidden beneath the heavy mist.


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

we are also having a thaw going on but more slowly than you and around the house the water seems to be soaking in to the ground.

all our roads are now clear but were never a problem to drive

The snow of the last three weeks is melting away, we will have dafodils soon.

Bobbie said...

Hopefully the rest of the snow will melt more slowly. We don't need any more flooding!

It was nice seeing you. Thanks for the plum and strawberry jams. I can't wait to try them on a toasted English muffin.

Hope you feel better soon.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Well, despite the horrible conditions, it really does make for some really pretty photos with that steam rising!!
Take care out there!!

Dew Drops said...

We went out yesterday and searched around Abbotsford for some of the flood waters. We found a lot and I posted some of them on my blog yesterday for skywatch Friday. Check them out too. These floods have been terrible, especially around Chilliwack. I hope it abates soon.

Faye said...

You guys sure did have a lot of snow, unusual for you area. I think you got more than us, though we got a fair share. The trouble is ours won't melt away it will just keep accumlating until April at least. It's only early January and I'm sick of the stuff already...I want to walk in the garden and ramble on the beaches. Oh well, maybe I'll get rid of some of the clutter and if I can banish a painting block, start painting again.
Have a great weekend Susan.

Dina said...

Oh wow!!! my sister in law who lives in vancouver told us about how much snow they are having this year!!

Looks like you had a lovely christmas day. We were staying with friends for Christmas in Germany and the children too were into karaokee , they could not stop singing High School musical songs on the wii- karaokee!!

SweetPeaSurry said...
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SweetPeaSurry said...

Oh my ... I've stumbled across your site. I do hope you don't mind, you have some pretty amazing pictures. (I'm a visual person, I read a lot, but I still love my picture books. I believe we adults call them 'coffee table books' now though)

I'm wishin' ya good luck on that melting snow.

Herman Verbrugge said...

These weather conditions are great for photography outside the city, especially photo #2 and #4 are wonderful examples for aquarelle drawings.
I saw the news item on CBC concerning the flooding in Chilliwack and other places around Vancouver.

Walker said...

When an area is not used to certain climates it can be a problem especially if your driveway runs down towards the house.
It's hell here in the spring when the new mountains melt and disappear down the drains and over flow the rivers.

sharon said...

Wow, you guys still have quite a bit of snow. The only snow left in Richmond is the piles people and businesses made when shoveling. Fingers crossed you don't have any flooding problems. In Chilliwack you see people rowing down the streets. Yikes!

A Borg said...

Beautiful photos. Sorry to hear about the snow problems.