Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Saints.

Lexie made me this beautiful painting for her gift to me, the teacher even had it laminated. This was by far my very favorite gift this Christmas. Ill be treasuring this for years.
On the Big morning, Lexi and Heidi were up bright and early. I had warned them the night before not to wake anyone up until 8:00. But when I heard them ant 6:30, their enthusiasm for the day was contagious so I got up and made my tea and vedged in my arm chair for a while. On the dot of 8:00 they roused all the rest of the family out of bed. Here they maul a sleepy Troy, who hid his face from the camera, He hadnt done his hair yet! After gifts were opened, we had a wonderful brunch of bacon and french toast, with fresh fruit. Heidi made homemade cinnamon rolls, which were to die for.
Later in the day keith left to pick up His parents and Aunty. He dropped them off at his sisters, where we were all meeting for dinner. Norm and all the kids booted up and walked down to Donnas. Keith came back up here and picked me up with all my contributions, then we headed to Donnas for a magical Christmas evening.
These cousins enjoy the Astronomy book that Paul got off Val.

Donna with her children Tasha and Paul on the left, of course Heidi in back and on the right is the little girl from over the road, who lives with a single father, she looks to Donna for the female role model. I thought it was very sweet of Donna to include this child on Christmas day. She is often included in our family functions and she knows all our family so its almost like she is one of us!
Dave gives Grandpa a big hug. Couple of tough guys sharing the love! Of course, recieving a few bucks in you stocking is cause for hugs!
My boys looking through a phylosophy book off Aunty Val. Val always gets the most interesting books every year. That is Keith and his dad on the couch and Norman over in the doorway.
We swapped photo scrapbook pages this year. It was Donnas idea. We have lost some special people recently and we have come to realize how precious those family photos are in our remembering of them. It was great fun passing around the photo pages we had all made. I scrapbooked my childrens grad, family pool parties, past Christmases. Lexi helped me make up a kayla page for some of them.
I said " move in closer, try to look like you are enjoying eachothers company" ...and this is what I get.
The Girls Club! We sat jabbering at the table whilst the guys watched some lovely christmassy violent kung fu type movie!

I love this scene. Great Aunt Valerie playing The piano and the kids gathered around singing Carols. I could have shown you the close up version that made the idealic Normal rockwell pose. But that would give you the impression that we have an old fashioned Christmas. But as this picture shows, there are some in the famuily that prefer video games to caroling! Hey Norm, does that game make you feel all Christmassy inside!

"The twins" Val and Keith's Mom. Thats Dad reflected in the mirror besides me.
After dinner, we watched a slide show that Val and Mom had put together. They made a copy for everyone for christmas too! It was a compilation of Christmases past, right back to when Keith and his siblings were babies, up to pesent day. What a wonderful way to remember Great Grandma, Great Uncle Mike, Kayla, and others.
Then we all sang karaokee! It was such a riot!
The little girls are so good at it. Tasha really looked the part in her punky sleeves! She is growing up so quickly.
Lexie's voice amazes me, she has such a powerful voice, I never tire of listening to her.
You will all be relieved to know that David is faring well enough with his wounded finger. Although he is having to adapt his mandolin playing to a three fingered style. He asked for a mandolin song book for christmas, and has been working on some new songs. It was such a wonderful Christmas this year. In spite of our tremendous losses. We really had a family focused Christmas. I hope your day was as enjoyable as ours.

Love to you all!!!


lexie said...

hello it me lexie! I love it yestoday! it was awsome

Bobbie said...

I'm glad you had such special times with your whole family this Christmas, Susan. I think the most special thing about Christmas is family and good food!! My children all made it over on Christmas day and a fun time was had by all. I was concerned about them having to drive all the way back to Vancouver on the icy roads but they made it safe and sound.

The snow is still falling today. It's nice to look at but awful to drive in.

Take care, and stay warm!

Herman Verbrugge said...

What a Christmas Story you made of this party! All these photos of happy people, illustrating how Christmas can be celebrated. For a while I was one of them. Thank you Susan for sharing these wonderful moments. You are building memories with your photos, memories which will never be forgotten.
Let's look forward to the next big event "A Happy New Year"! Live is one big party. :O)

Herman Verbrugge said...

I forgot to mention what I said before.... Lexi has many talents. Here she shows another one, drawing and painting. She's a great singer and has a lovely voice, I saw and heard her singing in the YouTube video. I saw her as a model, she has her own weblog and now she added another talent. :-)
Go on Lexi, you will be famous! And keep forever that lovely smile on your face. :-)

Cowboy Joe said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. Glad that the holidays were able to bring some joy with the sorrows that were part of this year for your family. I know that as the healing continues 2009 will be even better for the entire family. Big hugs and Merry Christmas from the Cowboy and his kidlets and Shannon.

Curtis said...

What a special Christmas all of you had. A great story with really great photos. Have a Happy New Year also.

deni said...

It really looked like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas, your pictures gave me the warm fuzzies.

It's been a long time since I have blogged, forgive my absense please.

Fred said...

What a terrific recap and I loved the pictures. I'm glad you had such a good holiday.

Happy New Year!

Penny Halston said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. We also had a wonderful Christmas, however, I am not much of a picture taker.46

Walker said...

Great pictures of you and your family sharing Christmas together.
It's what Christmas is all about after all, family.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can just see the love in the room... thanks for sharing.

Cowboy Joe said...

Happy New Year's Susan and Keith and clan.

From Cowboy Joe, Hailey, Colton, Shannon and her gang.

Hope to see you down at The Ranch in the new year.

Anonymous said...

It truly looks like such a wonderful time. What a great family!! Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

sharon said...

Great Post, Susan. It looks like you had a great time! Love the photos. Your family reminds me of mine in some ways...the boys hamming up a precious moment when you ask them to move closer...too funny. I'm glad you had such a nice day, and I wish you many more joyful days in the coming year. Take care:)

Faye said...

Happy New Year Susan!
Thank you for inviting us into your home via pictures and comments. Everyone looks happy and content to be together.
Hugs, Faye

Sally said...

Oh Susan, you have such a great family! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas although the year was difficult. My, oh my, I can't even begin to imagine all that snow, and having to be on the road.

Take care, and I'll check back in on you later. :)

Sugar and Ice said...

What a beautiful family you have. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...