Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Snow

Christmas Eve, it just snowed down all day. Thick heavy snow , non stop.
Keith had to go up and clear the snow off our sun roof over the deck. There was so much weight on there that we were worried it would break.
The dog , Binzen went crazy running around the yard. When Keith began shoving snow off the roof, he was jumping straight up in the air, catching clumps of snow! He had us laughing so hard.
The kids had to go out to deliver their news papers. I dont think the paper route has ever been so difficult to do or as much fun!"Through sleet and hail and dark of night.... "
"Waist deep, uphill both ways!" Actually, they were kneeling in it here, did they fool ya?
Swimming, anyone? I line the benches in front of the pool in the fall to form a make shift fence between to house and pool. It this weather, I worry tht the animals will walk out onto the pool area.
In the morning, David was playing guitar with Nick looking on, eager to learn.
After lunch, the boys all went out on a snow hike, up in the foothills! They took their gear and planned making a fire to cook wienies. They got the fire going after their exhausting hike into the foothills. Don't worry they wern't far from civilization. Thank goodness for that, because David cut his finger badly while whittling up some kindling. A huge peice of wood gouged right into his finger! Ouch! Andrew, our first aid boy, had come prepared with a first aid kit and bound up the wound, but it ws bleeding heavily, and against Divids wishes, suggested they call for a ride so he didnt bleed to death walking home. GOOD CALL, I SAY.They were close to to a family friend's home (Ellen B.) so went to her house to phone us. She was out but the neighbour let them use her phone. Needless to say, Keith ended up with him in the emergency room getting stitches.
This was the whitest Christmas day on record for our area. As far as I can remember, we have only had leftover whites on previous Chrismas days, not actual falling snow. It really sets the mood! Unfortunately, we had a call from Keiths younger brother, M that they can not get down their hill in the next town, They are snowed in this Christmas! But knowing those guys, they will have made it a special time for their kids all the same. This is a picture of my van, parked out front. See that bit of red? Nope, that cars not going anywhere for a while. Although, someone on the the street called the city and pulled a few strings so that we were able to get a plow down our road on Christmas day! Although we live in walking distance of Keiths sister Donna, whom we would be having our Christmas dinner with, it made it easier with a car to transport the salmon, trifles and Chocolate ala Pearl deserts, oh and dont forget the gifts. Besides Keith had to drive out to PoCo to pick up his Mom, Dad and Aunty Valerie. Dad certainly doesnt want to drive his car in this snow. I will do another post of our St.Cyr Christmas gathering.


Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a lot of snow!! My sister lives in Victoria and she too has had a very white Christmas. Binzen is very much like my Sadie. :-). The winter and the snow are her favourite time of the year.

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