Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the W's

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a safe and joyous time with people you love! We are blessed to have such a big and special family.
On December 22, we had my side of the family here for our Christmas dinner.
My mom and dad weren't able to join us due to the massive snow storm. We were fortunate that even our local family was able to get here. This photo taken that morning from our front window shows our road. We don't often get a snow plow around our neighbourhood. We missed my parents company, but we will see them once the snow clears up.

Keith has become the resident turkey carver. This is his second carving, this Christmas. He was handed an apron and a knife at a dinner we went to for Eastern Star a couple of weeks ago, so he was well in practice. I probably should have had him wear a mask for the task, as he is still plagued (not the best word to use under the circumstances.) with this awful cough. Turns out he has Viral Bronchitis, and they can't give him antibiotics for that. He is on two puffers and doesn't seem to be improving much. At least his temp is back to normal though. He was burning up there for about four days! With being so busy the last couple of days, he hasn't really had much chance to rest either. Christmas eve, he had to go out to PoCo where his folks live to shovel their snow. Its something he does every time it snows. He has a 20 year old 4 wheel drive 4 runner and he doesn't have a problem plowing through the white stuff. They were thinking of him when they said " you cant hold a good man down" Here, we exhibit the hottest trend in Christmas decor with the folding table, and accessorized that with an eye catching assortment of chairs. We have 6 stacking chairs and the rest of the seats, dragged in off the patio and from bedrooms! Does anyone actually have enough matching dining chairs to seat such a large gathering? Good job Martha Stuart wasn't coming to join us.

We had 20 for dinner. My sister Carol and her partner Came with their brady bunch of 5 kids. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see this very happy little blended family. My baby sister s happiness is always a blessing to me.My other sister Sheila and her hubby J were here too. Sheila was really late getting here as she had to dig her van out of a snow drift. Now thats determination! I wish she had just called and Keith could have picked her up in his 4WD. Jay came later as he was coming directly from work. They both arrived safe and with smiling faces despite the weather. There was a spark between them that makes me think J was going to be looking to hang mistletoe over the bed when they got home! It sure gives me a good feeling to know my sisters are so happy. Is it like that in all families? Their happiness affects my own state of mind. I guess that saying "Blood runs thicker than water" has some truth to it. It's the same with our children. We need them to be happy for our own peace of mind. Maybe that is just what love is all about.I didn't get many photos of the kids that evening. Because I am running the show, I get too busy and forget to shoot those magic moments.
It has hardly stopped snowing since that night, and now the snow is so much deeper! Glad I don't have to get to work today! It is still snowing today!!!!
Ill do another post about our Christmas Day.