Saturday, December 20, 2008

CPR Christmas Train

Its snowing again tonight and the wind is howling around the eaves. I finished my evening shift. Everyone was already in bed when I got home. I got changed into my big comfy flece robe, and got a nice hot cuppa tea. Now I am sat with my feet up beside the fire. I will tell you about our Friday evening.
Andrew had volunteered to do a shift working as a St.Johns Ambulance attendant at the CPR Holiday Train. He has been training with them on Tuesday evenings. He gets free first aid courses and experience in the field. Fortunatley their services were not required at this event.But it is a comfort to the public to have a first aid station should it be needed. They get free entrance to many events for this service. So We all got bundled up and went along with him to join in the fun. Does this boy look warm enough to you! Hes from Edmonton, for goodness sakes I thought he would be used to sub zero weather!!
His sister was ok except for her toes. Nothing a warm bath didnt fix once we got back home.The evening started with a gourmet dinner at the Golden Arches. Once our appetites were sated, we headed down to the Port HanetyTrain Station.
The train pulled in, decked in decorated from front to back with
bright lights on the side and christmas trees on top. There was Santa for the opening act with a Rocking Christmas tune!Then country singer Tracy Brown
followed up by Johnny Reid
He sang a couple of christmas songs and his big hit "Darlin" CLICK HERE TO HEAR IT. Lexi knew this song from the radio and was so excited to se a real STAR! She kept asking if Taylor Swift was coming out to sing too.
The train station is at Haney Wharf, across the road from the old Billy Miner Pub,
It was a real nice family event. Despite the frigid weather, there were plenty of young families. I lost count of how many little ones sat atop a parents shoulders to see better. But this young couple were eye catching in their pink suits and antlers!
The kids got to see a Canadian Pacific Railway train up close, and we got to build on the christmas excitement.

Now it is time for me to go to bed. Poor Keith missed all this fun as he had a hockey game to play. He went to play, not really feeling well. He didnt heed my warning to miss it and stay home to rest, So of course he ended upwith a bad fever and missed today off work. He has a cough, which I dont think ever completely went away from when he had it a few weeks ago.


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I saw the CP train on our local TV when it when through Salmon Arm.

No rail lines down our end of the valley.

Annie said...

Lovely photos. I used to be in the St John Ambulance Brigade, from age 11 to age 22. I went from cadet to Divisional Officer (Cadet division). I well remember those duties, often at the most peculiar events. My least favourite were grass track (motorbike racing) meetings. Dirty, noisy, and very few injuries. I think the thing I am mst proud of is getting my Grand Prior's Badge. Do you have that over there? Anyway, have a great Christmas. You'll be in my yhouhts and prayers.

Faye said...

We haven't had trains on PEI for a number of years. All the tracks were torn up and turned into walking trails.

I love traveling on the train though haven't been on one since my family moved here from Halifax back in '69.

Hope Keith feels better soon.
I guess we'll all get a white Christmas across Canada. I'm taking a snow day this morning as I'd have to drive out to the country and it's a very poor day for traveling. Take care.
Hugs, Faye

Penny Halston said...

We don't get that train over here, but it would be nice if we did. I love Johnny Reid! He's doing a couple of shows at the Casino and they sold out immediately, so I couldn't get tickets. My daughter wanted to go too. (She's 21.) I used to volunteer for St. John when my kids were little. I was going to go into nursing and thought it would be good practice. It also gave me a chance to get out of the house once in awhile. It was a good experience.

Louisiana said...

As i write i am fighting back happy tears. This is a most happiest of times, the Christ child is almost now here and with Him He brings hope, love. I hope he fills your home with His warmth and joy.

i may not be blogging much but as i have written before the heart never forgets and that is true as true is.
i love you all very much, i think of you all daily and that is not a lie, i thank God for my friends which you all are and for all the blessings that you are all.

i came and cried with the last post. Kayla's first heavenly Christmas, how beautiful it will be, she is one of the new angels that will Adore Him.

from our home to yours and to Kaylay's parents and to your dad and mom the best in this beautiful celebration of love and hope.

Merry Christmas my sweet friend, may you rejoice and may you smile.

Walker said...

Sounds like a fun family evening despite the weather.

Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

Faye said...

Merry Christmas Susan to you and yours!
Hugs, Faye

Dick said...

That looks like a wonderful family activity. I love trains. Maybe we should plan on taking a train trip somewhere before too long. You've got me thinking about that. I thin there are some that run from this side of the mountains over to Leavenworth for a day trip. Maybe.....

Anonymous said...