Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Eagles have Landed

Last weekend was the Eaglefest in the Kilby area, about a half hours drive from here. We were there today and were treated to dozens of Bald Eagles along the river. They come every fall to feed on the spawning salmon.

The trees were full of the regal raptors. I can count six in this tree alone.

We stopped near this farm and walked up onto the river bank. See the three eagles in the tree?

On the river bank we were witness to several large eagles catching salmon and feeding. It was very exciting to be so close to them. These pictures are a bit grainy as I had to zoom right in on them and my camera doesn't have a great zoom lens. Also it was quite overcast and the light was poor.

This guy put up quite a valiant struggle to catch what must have been a 15 lb salmon. He could bearly drag it from the water.


Once he got it to the bank he had to sit an rest before he could eat. It was wonderful to hear the cries of the nearby eagles calling out in excitement as he battled with the salmon.
With that hooked beak and massive talons, that salmon was soon gone.


Deanna said...

Yae... long time watcher... first time commenter... for this post at least!!!

LOVE... LOVE ......LOVE the eagles.

I really wanted to go back today..... I would have bumped into you!

Lawstude said...

that was truly amazing series of shots. wish i could have decent shots of flying eagles too.

i also love your myworld previous post.

thanks for sharing your world. you may visit mine here

have a wonderful weekend ahead. :)

Walker said...

That must have been quite the site and exciting to see.
It must be great living so close to nature and experience it so close.

Faye said...

We do have bald eagles here too but not the quantity you have. Amazing to get so many great pictures of them. They are a magnificent bird aren't they?

No not a "self-portrait" don't we all wish we looked like that?
Have a great weekend Susan.
Hugs, Faye

Fred said...

What fascinating pictures. You're right, the larger pictures were well worth the look.

Have a great weekend!

Jo said...

Omigosh, what beautiful pictures! I had a friend who lived in Brackendale, just outside of Squamish, and we used to go up there to watch the Eagles. Magnificent, aren't they?

Coll said...

Wow!!! What a sight that must have been. I have never seen a real live Bald Eagle. I would have loved to have been there. Loved your photos!!

Penny Halston said...

Wow, spectacular! I've seen a bald eagle from afar but never so many and so close. What a sight.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I saw an Eagle a few days ago but driving when I saw it and couldnt stop, I think there are more eagles in British Columbia than the rest of N America.

Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

What brilliant shots. Oh dear me, I see this sort of thing and then I can't wait to move to Vancouver. So much beauty there. Thanks for sharing.

KOSTAS said...

Astonishing post, CONGRATULATIONS!