Sunday, November 30, 2008

Banana Nut Loaves

Today, The girls were already begining to bake when I got up. Usually, Lexi is eager to go to Sunday School, but to day, Banana Bread was Lord!
Still in pajamas and hair not brushed, they made an awesome loaf of banana with chocolate chips and walnuts! Yummm, it was delicious. Heidi has really grown to adore this little woman.
I wish all the world could be so content to make banana bread instead of hurting people and causing such terror and grief as happened in Mumbai this week. So very heart breaking to see such horror. Am I so naive to believe that mankind is capable of actually being at peace and loving his fellow man? What a world!!! So we go on living our little existance. Ever mindful of those who arent as fortunate.
After lunch, Lexi went to my sister Sheila's place for Jocelyns (my other neice) 11th birthday party. I am so happy that they enjoy eachothers company. They are both very innocent little girls.
We are looking for a new Christmas tree. But as yet have not found one we like that is a reasonable cost. I saw one that we really liked at Crappy Tire but $300. was out of my budget. Our old tree is so old and dusty and always smells musty untill it airs out! I want something a bit slimmer this time too so it doesnt take up half the living room.
No tree will be going up untill the bathroom is done. Keith is sanding down the stucco off the ceiling. then I will paint. I wanted to do this weeks ago, but somehow it didnt happen. But now it is actually under way! Yay. I am so glad I have a handy hubby. I just have to be patient though as he does things on his own schedule.
Today I wrote out a bunch of christmas cards that need to be sent overseas. I still like to send an actual card in the mail at Christmas. I know how much I love recieving them. If you would like a card sending to you from me here in Maple Ridge, let me know and I will send a real live card to you. You can email your address to my email at ksstcyrATtelusDOTnet
Time to get in the spirit.
I wrote a card to my ex sister in Law.....Kayla, Lexi, Troy and Nicks mom. I had each of the kids write her a little letter to put in the card too. I know she will be missing them all. Lexie also spent alot of time on a letter to Santa tonight. She also wrote to Miss Clause and asked her to make sure she didnt argue too much with the elves!!!!!
By the way, the two loaves of Banana bread are already gone!


Herman Verbrugge said...

This is a very nice post Susan. Besides a good singer Lexi seems to be a very good cook too. I also started yesterday to write Christmas cards.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I hope you save me some banana bread.
Just had a few days at Gails, she always makes a lemon loaf for me, the others had carrot cake.(with ice cream)

Dina said...

What a lovely post. I love the photo in which Lexi is holding your daughter's arm from the elbow. So sweet!! We too did some baking last saturday and still have some more christmas baking to make :)

Anonymous said...

its the sea-nile seadogs mom

Anonymous said...

lol everyone knows me!! lol I'm a star!!

from lexie

Anonymous said...

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