Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Its that time of the week again. Click on the logo for more my world entries or to find out how to participate .
A big part of our Canadian world is Hockey. Canadian hockey is played and enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Toddlers barely able to walk right up to our famed National Hockey League then there are seniors leagues too.

The blue team is the Seadogs. My husband plays #17 on this team made up of his workmates. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to have some fun and exercise together.
It is also a lot of fun for us spectators. Last night we took our daughter, nephew and the boy from next door.
They enjoy being able to make a lot of noise. They were cheering for the team . but because they see the players as old, you know, some of the players are in their 40's, So the altered the name from Seadogs to sea-niles! How cheeky.
Keith took a fall at one point and Heidi was yelling "Old Man Down!". With all that padding he was fine. In this picture he prepares to make a shot on goal!
Our boys went on the score 5:2 for a nice tidy win.
After the game, Heidi said to her dad, "You must work up quite an appetite with all that skating!" So of course we ended up going for a couple of plates of Nachos on the way home. A fun family night out!!!


fishing guy said...

Susan: What a neat post about hubby and the hockey. Those were neat photos.

Sorry that Mr. Linky was goofy this week. Thanks for sharing your world. FG MW Team

Fred said...

Great photo. It looks like a lot of fun.

It's hard to believe I used to play hockey in college. I'd last all of 5 minutes now.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

enjoyed seeing your hockey photos...and your post regarding. thanks for sharing with us.
have a great week.

Louise said...

Love hockey and how it is so Canadian! The old quips are funny!

Powell River Books said...

Hockey is a big thing here in Powell River as well. Our teams are the Kings and Regals. Whether they win or lose, the games are fun like you said. Thanks for visiting my post about the Hulks in Powell River. -- Margy

Walker said...

Playing is alot of fun and i bet he loves being able to still play.
Its been awhile for me but I had for decades.
Hmmm maybe if someone needed a goal post i could lace up

sharon said...

I think it's great to have a fun league that keeps you moving and get's you out. Good for Keith. And for you and the kids to go and watch sounds like a lot of fun. Take care, Susan:)

April said...

What a wonderful and fun post! Super photos of the hockey game!

Dick said...

My son and his 8 year old daughter love going to watch the Everett, WA team play. I often went to games in Spokane, WA as I was growing up and then got to photograph quite a few of them for the local newspaper while in college. It is a very fast moving game.

Anonymous said...

flybyhugging ;)

Allan Barredo said...

I love watching hockey games (on TV) although we don't have them from where I'm from :)

Yorkshire Soul said...

I saw my first hockey match on holiday last month, Maple Leafs vs Canadiens, great sport but the fans are very quiet compared to watching football here at home in the UK.