Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This sunflower is a free bonus in one of my pots on the deck, thanks to the birds. I didn't plant it, I think it must have been a wayward seed from the bird feeder. Nothing looks so summerry as a big beautiful sunflower.
Yesterday we had Kaylas Ashes intered in the Garden of Gethsemany Mosoleum in Surrey. It was a glorious sunny day. Such a peaceful place. She is now laid to rest. God bless her.

We picked the lads up from their canoeing /camping trip. They were filthy and hungry but none the worse for wear. Tommorrow, its back to work for them.

Sharon, we didn't test our old
junk boat in the bathtub, but we did try it out in the swimming pool! This was in 2005, but I just thought you would enjoy these. The neighbours think (know) we are nuts.

I love this shot as it sort of makes the canoe appear to be floating in air!

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