Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Birthday

Before I begin my post, I want to ask you all to go visit Michael Manning and read about his little friend Gunner who is in hopital with some severe effects from his brain tumor. This little guy and his family need all the prayers and positive thoughts he can get.

It was 85 degrees in this house this afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect weather to keep the oven OFF!

But we had said we would celebrate Kayla's birthday with a cake for her, and so we did. Actually, the house was already so warm, that the oven didn't make it that much warmer.

Heidi made the cake and Lexi decorated it. They lit candles and Lexi grabbed Kaylas photo off the wall so she could have a picture with her cake.

We sang Happy Birthday to Kayla and Lexi blew out the candles with help from a gentle breeze. We carried the cake inside to cut and one of the candles relit! We all had a laugh at that, saying Kayla was up to tricks!

I had a bit of a lump in my throat as we started to sing. But seeing the smiles on the kids faces made it obvious that this was a really good idea.

Lexi put kayla's photo on the kitchen counter and insited that she cut the cake for each person.

Fat ladies who wear orange dresses should not be eating cake really, but this was a special occasion!


Kathy said...

We always celebrate Kyra's birthday, May 1st.

Kyra had a total thing for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Still it always makes me cry. She would have been 17 this last May.

Happy happy birthday to sweet Kayla.

And my thoughts and prayers to all who love her still.

leslie said...

This was such a wonderful idea! Lexi looks SO cute and happy in the photos and I can see a family resemblance to Kayla in her. Am I right? And hey, who cares what colour you're wearing! Let them ALL eat cake! lol said...

Happy Birthday to Kayla. I'm sure she enjoyed this celebration and relit that candle just to let you know she's always with you in spirit. (That sunflower is spectacular.)

anemone27 said...

Wow, isn't Lexi like Kayla? What a nice thing to do. I'm sure it helped Lexi and the other children. *Big hugs*

sharon said...

What a great idea. Too many times when we lose someone we love, people tend to avoid talking about the person. It's so much more therapeutic to acknowledge them and celebrate them. I really admire your family's attitude. I'm sure Kayla had something to do with that candle...and, girl, don't you know that birthday cake has no calories?

I'm going to visit that other site now. Take care:)

Walker said...

It's a nice way to keep Kayla's memory alive and a celebration.