Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Girls

Aren't little girls the most precious creatures?
Last night my sister Sheila and I took my three nieces, Lexi, Jocelyn and Natasha, to a Jobie Barbeque.
There was a lovely old bird bath in the garden that the girls used to float leaves on. They drew beautiful fairies on paper and cut them out, then they put the fairies on the leaf boats to float on the bird bath!

They are ages 9, 10 and 11. They are still so innocent which in this day and age is quite an unusual thing. With TV and rock videos, We see so many girls their age who are much too sophisticated for their own good.
Driving home listening to their streams of giggles was so contageous and put a huge grin on my face to hear those happy sounds!

Today is mine and Keiths 23rd anniversary. I cant mention this without getting mushy. I am the luckiest woman in the world. He is an amazing man and I am honored to have the title of being his MRS. Every year gets better and we become less individual and more ONE. I am getting lost in him and becomeing true soulmates. Happy Anniversary Keith!


Bobbie said...

Looks like your nieces had a fun time playing together, and enjoying their youth.

Happy 23rd Anniversary wishes to you and Keith. You're such a loving couple, and have raised such great children. Celebrate your day!!

canuckabilly said...

Yes it is nice to see kids actually being and playing as kids.

Happy Anniversary. Nothing wrong with being a mush pot. Always worked for me.

Fred said...

My three little girls are suddenly 18, 17, an 16. Time flies.

And, Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 22nd.

Penny Halston said...

Your photos capture their wonder and innocence beautifully. Happy Anniversary. Wish there were more happily married mushpots around. People would be happier

chosha said...

Happy anniversary!!

sharon said...

Love love love little girls. I can't stop myself from smiling when they erupt into gales of giggles either. They are so cute and sweet and full of life.

Happy Anniversary to you and Keith! You guys seem like a great couple...isn't it awesome to know, without a doubt that you picked the right guy? I hope when Kelly and I have been together that long we are just like you and Keith are...still just as much (or more) in love than we are today, after only a year and a half.

Walker said...


I hope You had a great day on your anniversary.

Little girls may be precious but that can be terrorists to LOL

I had two and now a little neice.
Cute as a button and knows when to put you on the spot infront iof a crowd

Skunkfeathers said...

First off, a belated Happy Anniversary! In the words of Paul Harvey, "23 years on the road to forever". Many wish they could find what you have.

As I was blog surfing tonight, a thought of Kayla crossed my mind, and just wanted to also say that me thinks you have a guardian angel, there with you and yours. For Kayla could be nothing less.

Best wishes to all of you.