Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I did on My summer Vacation

You have heard about it before... sad tales of very poor children, having to live in cardboard boxes? Well here is living proof! We had to get a new dishwasher last week (there goes the budget for the weekend in Harrison Hot Springs). Anyways, I put the box in the corner because I had a feeling it may come in handy. The next morning when I got up, it had been made into a Webkinz High School! The teacher even has a flashlight.

The next thing I knew... Sasha, the cat had enrolled!

Meanwhile, on the renovation front..... I had lots of help with painting from Heidi and Lexi. It sure has been nice having so much enthusiasm from all these kids!

Once the paint dried, Keith got to work on placing the cabinets, he looks like an old fart in this photo...not really his best side, I guess!

He got an awesome deal on these. He found them on Craigslist, which is a sort of online second hand shop. They are solid oak doors and are in great shape. Also came with a beautiful red sink and the range hood,,,, all for a mere $250.00 . My neighbour has also been looking for something like this and she says we must have horseshoes up our backsides to find deals like that! May be that explains why Keith has been standing all bowlegged!!!
Now the cupboards are all in and we have the plywood in place for countertops. Tommorrow we glue down the formica and finish the plumbing. What a exciting Vacation we are having! Two weeks off is almost over! I go back to work on Monday night. Yuck!

Also Keith has to go out to register for Hockey tommorow. They start the new season on Tuesday. I hope we are finished the kitchen by then.
Keiths brother Norm and his three kids will soon have their independance back. I know they will feel more settled once they have their own kitchen. Right now its been kind of crowded with nine people around our table! Norm is sick right now with a upper respiratory chest infection. He started antibiotics yesterday and seems to be coughing a bit less tonight. But he is wiped right off his feet. It didn't help that he had to work nights last night while he was hacking and coughing.
Today was the memorial service for Keiths and Norms Uncle Normand, He passed away a couple of weeks ago peacefully in his sleep. We didnt know him very well, but Keiths dad is quite upset.
Troy has a wierd hard lump on his chest that has been there for a few weeks now. It doesnt hurt him. And other wise he feels great. But we sent him to get an xray on August 5th. The Dr said it looks clear, but because of his sister Kaylas history, he ordered an MRI just to be thorough. So he goes for that on September 5th. I cant help worrying. Please keep this young fella in your thoughts.


Cowboy Joe said...

Well, that certainly sounds like a productive holiday. I love Craigslist, but I haven't been able to get Colton his guitar yet. Now he's changed his mind and wants to finish learning the acoustic before he gets his electric guitar.

We took the kids to a Vancouver Canadians game on Monday, then to Seattle to the Woodland park zoo on Tuesday as well as Pike Place Public Market, then back to Bellingham for what else, teenage girl shopping, Mexican dinner and home.

I had five days off, then worked Wednesday, now another five days off. Yeay!

Hope Norm gets better soon and that the lump turns out to be clear. Hugs.

Kevin said...

How my kids loved large cardboard boxes when they were little. The kitchen is looking great. Don't blame you for being a little worried about the lump, but I'm sure it will turn out okay.

marie6 said...

Hope your Norm will be ok, my thoughts are with you.
Nice kitchen cabinets, you were lucky to get them for a good price.

Dina said...

hi, hope Norm will be fine, he's in our thoughts. I like the kitchen cabinets, now we'll wait for some before and after shots!!

Dick said...

Hey now, I kind of resemble that old farts comment! And I am sure that I am older than Keith.

School here starts the middle of this next week. I wonder where the summer has gone as it really doesn't seem like we have had summer yet.

I will also hope and pray for the lump to be a nothing issue.

sharon said...

Oh, yeah...You give a kid a toy and they'll play with the box...I used to run a little daycare and I could keep the kids busy all day decorating a "school house" or just a "house" or whatever else they came up with. Hope your renos wrap up soon and I've got my fingers crossed about the lump too. Norm must be a little worried...I hope he's okay:)