Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gold Sky and Wine

Here we have Mr.Keith, looking all proud of himself. He made the counter tops, adhered the laminate/formica to the surface and has sunk the sink into it with exact precicion! We actually changed the tap set because this one looked so tiny on the big sink, so now we have a beefier one. As you can see we still need to stain the oak trim onthe counters edge, and install the suspended ceiling. This area needs an accessable ceiling as it is where all the plumbing for the house is. We are coming along.

David is experimenting with making homemade wine from the abundent harvest of blackberries we have this season. He is having alot of fun with his tubes and bottles. Whether is will be potable is another story!
This gorgeous sky was photographed on the evening of our anniversary, August 31st. There was distant thunder, which never came right over us. Then the sky went an eirie greenish gold and a double rainbow graced the heavens.
Here it is over Heidi, touching down behind our neighbours house on the south side of the road.

And here is the other end, shown on our side of the road, from my front garden.

As we were getting ready to leave for our anniversary dinner, the sky had turned more pink and purple. Here, shooting towards the east, is Keith singing Somewhere Under the Rainbow !

This shot, taken from the same spot facing west. The sky was starting to clear up, revealing a knock out sunset! We headed down the road for a five minute drive to The Keg, the best steak restraunt around these parts. I havent had a steak since we went there in the new year. It was delicious. Every mouthful, you roll your eyes and say MMMMMMM!


Fred said...

Mr. Keith is very talented. My talent is finding someone to do that kind of work in the Yellow Pages.

The sky was gorgeous!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I want some home made wine, please.
Did you notice how the sky is darker between the two rainbows in the double rainbow, that area is known as 'Alexanders band' (no music)

sharon said...

Nice reno! Keith is very handy.
Isn't mother nature a true artist? What a beautiful sight:) said...

As Red Green says, If they don't find ya handsome, at least they find ya handy, (or something like that.) Lucky you - handy AND handsome. Happy Anniversary. I love the Keg. What a spectacular sight! (that's the rainbow; not the "site" of the Keg.)

Faye said...

Hi Susan, The kitchen sounds like everything is taking shape nicely.
We made Blackberry Wine at one time. We used to have hoards of blackberries next to us but the new neighbours mowed most of them down so the mosquitos wouldn't bother them as much. It turned out wonderfully. Hope yours is just as good.
Hugs, Faye

Deb said...

Uhhh, would it make your amazing Keith delirious with joy to come over and build us the deck we've been pining for? No, I didn't think so. LOL Tooo bad!

Working on your home is very satisfying. We renoed and built several houses in our "prime time". Good memories and good marriage glue.

It's always fun to keep up with your lovely family. Isn't the web wonderful for that? You can have friends all around the world.

Walker said...

AUDIO we need sound of Keith singing

lexie said...

cool Aunt susn :D

canuckabilly said...

Those are some awesome pictures. Keith has done a remarkable job, keep up the good work. Happy Anniversary.