Monday, June 09, 2008


After reading Herman's latest post, which chronicled his trip to the Hague and all the wonderful sights there, I felt compelled to get out and do a bit of a journey avec camera, myself! Here are the results of that longing!
Yesterday, We were graced with a rare set of matching days off. The weather here was quite gray and overcast, so we headed west, an hours drive to White Rock, where the weather is always nicer than in Maple Ridge. We left cloud and entered into sun. It was lovely!
We walked along the beautiful white sand beach.
It was low tide so lots of tidal pools were being inspected by curious children and adults alike. Some were gathering kelp for their dinners.

Many a crab corpse lay on the sand, remnants of a seagulls lunch! Some as large as six inches across the back, and some as tiny as one inch. Lots of breathing holes in the sand gave evidence of the shellfish below the sand. Some folks were there digging up their dinner with sticks.

Out on the water, were plenty of floats indicating crab traps. Such a rich place if you like seafood. The police made their presence felt and were there checking on the pier for unlicensed fishers.

The train tracks run parallel to the walkway. There is an old heritage train station along here too, that is now an information center and gift shop.
This town has done a wonderful job of fundraising through memorial plaques. In one area there is a path lined with brass maple leaves and this area, lined with dual rows of train engines, each committed to the memory of a lost loved one.
People, like this gentleman, seem to enjoy perusing the memorials. I could sit all day watching people and sneaking their pictures. Right from small children to senior citizens.

These little girls were from different families but struck up a friendship on the beach. One was allowed to strip down and paddle in the pools. The other had to keep on her coat and shoes and was not permitted to get wet. Which child got the most out of their day I wonder? It was nice and warm but breezy.
As we headed home, we crossed the Port Mann Bridge, towards the mountains that landmark the town we call home.
This picture is not too clear as it was taken through the car window. The closer you get to the mountains, the more ominous the clouds. It always amazes me to see the difference in climates within just a few short miles in this region. It was a nice afternoon with my man. And he waited so patiently while I took my two hundred photos.


Herman Verbrugge said...

Susan, that was a wonderful trip to White Rock and also a relaxing walk along the beach, together with Keith.
First I Googled for White Rock and found some information about the place. Then I used Google Earth and saw where it exactly is on the map.
It was so nice to see the surroundings through your camera lens, especially the two little girls and what you thought about them. The coastline in the distance on the first photo, is that Vancouver Island?

Dina said...

Susan, on my one time trip to Vancouver in 2002, we have been to white rock several times and I have enjoyed them all. when I see these photos i think of our trip there , thanks for sharing these photos.

Bobbie said...

Great photos, Susan! I'm glad you were able to get some sunshine there as we certainly don't have much here in

Fred said...

Any day on the beach is a good day. Thanks for taking me along with you. I had a good time. said...

I loved the picture of the little girls with their shadows in the water. What an interesting contrast. But are you sure the one little girl wasn't allowed to take off her jacket? If she was me, she would always be cold and not want to take her jacket off. My daughter would be the other little girl, sripped down to underwear.

Louisiana said...

oh i have been there!! whoo-hoo i like saying that :)...i have been with the kids to White Rock. in my other life, lol, we took the kids to the ocean there and that is where all the kids met the ocean for the first time. i was just as excited as my kids to introduce them to waves (not too many thought) and sand. they had such a fantastic day there. all of them ended up digging the sand and collecting crabs. they made crab farms and wanted to bring them back Soooo badly...

it was a nice place, fun for sure. not too much bathing in the ocean for it was colder water but the fact that we got sunburn in the ocean lol, played there and smelled and tasted the salty air/water was just precious.

it won't be the last time i'll take my kids to the ocean. it's in there blood to live close by. somehow, sometime, someway we are going to it again and not just for an afternoon.

you take beautiful pics, took after your dad.

what a lovely idea for fundraising for the tow. i surely can see us doing something like that for my dad and my great grandparents.

hope all is well considering, hearts are as best as best can be with such a loss. our love and hugs to all. xo

chosha said...

I'm so jealous. Sometimes I miss the ocean so much in this landlocked city.

Anonymous said...