Friday, June 13, 2008

Class of 2008

Today, our two youngest children graduated from high school. And NO! They are not twins! David just enjoyed school so much he decided to spend an extra year there! They are very close so it was actually very nice to see them cross the stage together. It was a lovely ceremony.

At the end, they had the traditional cap toss!
Grandma and Grandpa came to witness.We are so proud! This celebration was as much for the parents as for the students. Their success is our reward.

Credit to my Dad for all these photos!


Bobbie said...

Congratulations to them both!! And good luck to them both as they embark on their next path in life.

canuckabilly said...

Nice graduation and I'm sure they are glad it's over. Glad to see you went out with your camera...really great photos. Enjoy your weekend.

Louisiana said...

beautiful family.

congratulations to your son and daughter and yes, to mom and dad as well.

another step in their lives but surely with the support and love of such a family, their future looks wonderful.

enjoy your wknd and happy Father's day to all of yours that qualify.

we are thinking of Kayla's dad today, much peace to his heart.


Penny Halston said...

Congratulations to everyone. A proud day, indeed. I've always wondered about the hat toss, do they get their hats back?

Fred said...

Congratulations to them, and the proud parents. Great pictures.

Chas said...

Congratulations to your two new grads!!

leslie said...

Congrats to both of them! They look awesome in their caps and gowns.

I just caught up on some of your latest posts. Gee, we should plan on meeting in White Rock sometime for lunch - you, me, Josie, jmb aka Joan and anyone else around here we know of. I just drove through there today after spending time in Langley (see my post today) and it was glorious!

Funny post about pee on the car! I can't imagine why the nurse would do the test right there and then! It really wasn't very professional. Oh well, like you say, at least you have 10 more years before you need to go through that again.

Sienna said...

Ah the babies have graduated!

Really wonderful, love the thumbs up pic..

Heartfelt condolences on Kayla's passing, we have both lost young family members this year and it's a tough time to go through...just prayers and thoughts to you all, and may your wonderful times and memories be great comfort, as is, each other.

Class of 2008 rocks.

Love the photo caught of caps in air.

Take care


Walker said...

Congratulations to both of them.
The future lays before them now.
I bet you and Kieth were BEAMING as they crossed the stage

Herman Verbrugge said...

In the first place congratulations to David and Heidi! But also to their Mom and Dad, and Grandparents. This day was one of those which you'll never forget.
Thumbs up David! (second photo:-)

Michael Manning said...

A beautiful post, Susan! Congratulations and these photos of a "milestone" will be fun to look at for years! WOW! I remember!!!!

sharon said...

Wow, they had their ceremony right in their own school, eh? Alicia's was at Chan Center at UBC. Congrats to both of them. It's a pivotal point in their lives and I wish them all the luck in the world.

BTW loved the post about your medical check ups and the urine samples. LOL what a ripper.

Anonymous said...