Saturday, May 17, 2008


'My Brothers, in this hour of consecration I again remind you of that sacred thing called home. There is a magic in that little word, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits. It is the cradle - the very bulwark of our civilization. Ever since you first knelt at the Alter of DeMolay, you have been committed to the high purpose of being a better son, a better husband, a better father and a better man as the years move on. As a Chevalier, I dedicate you anew to the DeMolay ideal of home and all that word implies.'

We have been busy...again. Seems these days , we are always busy. Sometimes it's tiring, but we are enjoying the time we spend with our kids, because they wont be kids for much longer. I know plenty of people with kids the same age as mine and they hardly spend any time together. I think that's really sad.

Our oldest son Andrew is halfway through his 20th year. Both our boys have committed much of their time over the years to a youth organization called DeMolay. Last week, Andrew was conferred with the degree of Chevalier, the highest honor for an active Demolay, and is not given out very often. This will be his last year with the organization. He will be leaving a strong group with a growing membership and a dedicated team of adult leaders. Andrew has been instrumental is reviving this chapter, along with other boys support. In the photo above, he is presented with a Gavel, hand crafted by DP one of the very committed adult leaders of our group. He has watched Andrew grow from a shy young 11 year old to a confident young leader. The Gavel is a symbol of leadership and authority. The yellow cord around his neck was also awarded to him, that is his Chevalier cord. I love this Order and, all for which it stands. Its teachings for honor and respect of family and parents, patriotism and brotherhood are lessons that too often, are not learned by todays young men. HERE IS A LINK to the outline of the ceremony which was held for Andrew. The excerpt at the top of the page was taken from the ceremony of Chevalier, and sums up what I think Demolay stands for. What Mom wouldn't want her son to live by this jist?

Grandma (Keith's Mom), cousin Jocelyn and Auntie Sheila (my sister), Also Grandpa, Great Aunt Valerie and Cousin Jayden were also there. My parents couldn't attend as they are out of the country.
This is just one of the things we have been up to lately. This ceremony actually had been planned for months and was held the same day as Kayla's funeral, it made a good distraction for our family, as none of us could be in Edmonton for that sacred observance. As sad as Kayla's passing is... Life goes on. That's not said lightly. I believe we have to keep on living and keep her memory alive in our day to day actions. By sharing days like this with friends and family, we begin to heal.


Louisiana said...

the strong family unity that you guys share has been invident since the first time i met you. i think that is what makes you all so special in my heart.

congratulations to your son, congratulations to his parents who are rightly so proud.

healing is a funny thing, is a journey with roads and side roads and valleys and highs but as long as we keep on looking ahead and moving forward we continue on learning and in so healing and in healing we continue on growing and in growing we find that much more love and peace.

i wish your family much peace of hearts and minds. i wish you all much joy and pride as you remember Kayla.

i'm glad you are happily busy. i'm glad you are all enjoying what is such a beautiful and large family. so are we here thanks to God.

much love to all.

Penny Halston said...

The love in your family is so beautiful. Congratulations to your son. You are wonderful parents and have raised your children well. To go on with life doesn't lessen the love and sorrow you feel for Kayla. She loved life and would want her family members to live it to the fullest.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Congratulations to Andrew, and in fact also to his parents, who raised this young man to what he is now.
I have read a lot about the DeMolay now but there is much more to learn and understand what these young people do. I will certainly read more about the DeMolay.
BTW, great family pictures, Susan :-)

canuckabilly said...

Congradulations to Andrew. It's great to see the younger generation with family values that today seem so lost in most families. I believe in it and think this to be a fine organization. I'm glad that life is being kind to you. Yes we must go on and we will with the help of people like you in the world. Have a great week.

poet said...

hi susan. extending our congratulations to andrew, as well. not many young people are into those types of organizations these days. i am glad that andrew is interested and involved.

take care as you and your family continue healing. HUGZ, poet.

Fred said...

Congrats to Andrew. You have much to be proud of, Susan.

Bobbie said...

Congratulations to Andrew. You and Keith have done a wonderful job in raising your children to be caring young adults.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Keith for raising such a wonderful young man. Andrew has alwaysd been taught the value of a loving family and that is important to him. Getting this award from DeMolay is wonderful and certainly well deserved, but the time that you and Keith have invested in the organization have done a lot to encourage Andrew. I am a proud 'grandma of this lovely young man, but also, a very proud mom and mom-in-law to two people who have brought out the best in each other and in all those who know and love you. mom

jel said...

congrat to your son!


Walker said...

Family is everything and your family is as close as I have eer seen.
Its that closeness that makes problems easier to deal with especially with such a strong support base.

Congratilations to your son and i know how proud you all are as y ou should be.

As we get older there seems to be more to do lol

leslie said...

Congratulations to Andrew! My husband grew up as a DeMolay and I had his medals framed for him one year for Christmas. I must get it out and see just what they were all for.

Anonymous said...