Thursday, May 15, 2008

Masked Bandit

Before I say anything else, I just want to wish Herman many happy returns on the occasion of his 70th birthday yesterday. Herman is a wonderful friend and also happens to have a really great blog! Pop by and tell him Susan sent you.
We have been having a little visitor on our balcony. A little masked Bandit climbs up over the railing to steal the cats food. Raccoons are cute to look at, but can be extremely vicious if cornered or have young nearby. I love to watch him, but am worried about our pets coming to harm. So we are bringing the cat food in at night and when the bandit shows up, Keith goes out and scares him away.
We are doing pretty well here on the whole. Dont worry, Ill be back to my normal Blog routine soon. Lots to catch you up on.


jel said...

I use to think they were cute, but that was before, they would help themself's to our chickens :(

hope ya have a good weekend!


Chas said...

I actually do think they're really cute, but I've never had a run in with one. I hear they can be quite nasty. My mom's groomer actually has one as a pet that she's raised since a baby in her house. It lives with her cats and uses a litter box!

leslie said...

If you go to Prospect Point in Stanley Park,you'll see all sorts of Asians taking photos of the raccoons there. But be careful not to touch them as they will bite!

Hope you're doing okay now. Has the memorial service taken place here yet? Still praying for you all.

Walker said...

I rmember as a kid I never saw a raccoon or a skunk.
Now we have them all over the place like squrrels and dogs don;t scare them.

Have a nice weekend :)

Fred said...

Happy Birthday, Herman.

Looking forward to catching up.

Michael Manning said...

Very true, Susan. Cute but vicious. I hope many people who read this have learned something. You remain in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...