Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Family Stone

Several times this spring we have had occasion to go on some wonderful road trips to and from Edmonton. It is an all day drive. I love car trips. The scenery is fantastic. People come from all over the world to see these Rocky Mountains. Here we are blessed to have them so close by.

Load up the cds so there is plenty of entertainment. Once you get into the mountains you are out of radio range, so cd's are a must have: second only to a camera!

The wildlife is astounding. Returniing home this last time, we were stopped by a huge herd of Mountain Sheep. They walked along the road, stopping traffic. Some motorists got out of their cars for a closer photo. I felt safer staying in the vehicle thank you. See the big horns, I wouldnt like to see how much damage they could do if they felt threatened! There must have been over thirty of these fellas nibbling along the road side.

Another pit stop was at Jasper National Park. Great Aunty Valerie wanted to stop there to locate some old buildings that her grandfather had built. This one is the old tourist information center, right the by train tracks. It is such a beautiful building, made of a pink stone. What an honor to be able to touch something built by an ancestor. Keith is so fortunate to have such a rich family history. A block over from this is the Jasper Aquatic Center. He also constructed the stone work on this building. What a gifted man he must have been. More to come on our travels soon.
Goodnight and Thanks for dropping by.


Dick said...

And our northwest weather is finally getting to the point where we can more easily make these road trips. Our mountains are all pretty but it is nicer from a creature comfort (for us people) when the weather is better than it has been most of this past winter. I don't know if you heard about it but the North Cascades Hwy was closed again a week ago due to avalanches. It re-opened this week on Tue but it is almost June!

Fred said...

Looks like everyone had a great day. The pictures are awesome.

Anonymous said...