Monday, April 21, 2008


...of things to do.
My friend Deanna is very good at making lists.
Lists of things she is thinking about, should do, has done, wont do, etc.
My life has been feeling in dissaray of late. Things that should be getting done arent. Maybe we just have so much going on right now. But the chaos makes me feel out of control. So its time to shake out the rug and spring clean my "Things do do list"
I just wrote and addressed 10 birthday cards. I am the birthday card lady for my Eastern Star Group. This is the first month that I am doing it solo. I usually make the cards and give them to another lady to write in, address and mail. There is actually a shameless bit of self promotion going on here as the cards are made with my photographs on them and a website on the back leading to more of my photos. Shameless for sure. Now if I can just manage to get them in the mail I will be ahead of the gamne for the month.
I need to sew the sash for my son's group, Demolay. Its made of velvet and is presented to the out going sweetheart at our installation on May 24th. Have to sew the insert and get it to the embroidery person.
My garden is extreamly neglected. It has been so cold here, that I havent felt like doing much. I di mange to prune the roses and the neighbours wisteria. No, I am not doing the neighbours gardening. They grew it up the back fence. It looks very pretty, but I dont want it taking over my shed.
Hubby needs to get the lawn mower gassed up and primed. Once the lawn gets cut, it makes the whole place look better. Usually by now, I am thinking about getting the pool cleaned up! First we need to do some powerwashing.
The house next door got sold. Our new neighbour is our old neighbour. She had to sell it three years ago when she and her hubby split up. She has been saving hard and now decided to bid on her old place and got it! Yay! It will be so nice to have her back. She also said she wouldnt mind if we Hack the way too overgrown hedge down to size. Her hubby would never let us take much off. The last owners didnt want to cut them back either. It is a cedar hedge that is about 40 feet tall. We nolonger get sun on our pool untill 1pm. Also it blocks some of our mountain view. And makes their lawn mossy and wet. Honey, gas up the chainsaw too!!!!!
I am on night shifts this week, and its nice and quiet at the moment, knock on wood.
I have no plans for my days off this week so I hope the sun is shining so I can get started on my garden. If not I will do the sash. Ahh the fun never ends.
By the way, Kayla starts radiation this week to try to dry up the fluid in her lungs. I hope that does the trick. She gets 10 sessions, then maybe she can leave the hospital.
Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.


Louisiana said...

thank you...

i love lists too. they make me feel good. i apparently have passed my fervor to my 2 youngest, it is funny how and what they lists.

my very, berry (;)) wishes for K and all of you. add me/kids to the many wishers.

much love and endless love. xo

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I hate lists, cause I didnt make the list.
You can come and do our yard while we are away, we leave Saturday for Glasgow.
Save the firewood for me when I come in the truck.

sharon said...

sounds like you have a full plate! I'm so happy that the crane project was a success, Susan! It did give my family therapy to participate in folding them. Kelly, Alicia and Anastasia jumped in with both feet! I'm still sending all my positive energy Kayla's way and I hope she will be able to go home soon. Take care, and don't overdo it:)

Walker said...

I make lists for the end of the month when i rush out and try and do everything all at once.
Never happens but I still put it all on the list.

I hope Kayla get better so she could go home.

Louisiana said...

and 8. send my guardian angel to kiss Kayla's forehead from strangers in body yet admirers to her courage and heart. and send a hug through the mountains to Susan and let her know i'm thinking of her.

and 9. bed

Monica said...

I'm sorry to hear Kayla's had a relapse. I think that makes me realize more than anything just how long I've been away from blogging...nearly two months. Please forgive me. I'll be emailing you shortly.

Take care of you.

Anonymous said...